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9 Features of Auto Dialer Technology

July 19, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Russell Emmenthal


Auto dialers are beneficial for any business and especially call centers. This amazing technology is affordable, needs no unique skills, and it’s user-friendly. Call centers can use it to boost their productivity, obtain real-time data and provide consistent services. It also helps a business to offer a better customer experience and boost agents’ morale.

This gadget has really revolutionized the call center business. But what are the key features of a good auto dialer? Here are 9 of the best features each outstanding auto dialer should possess.

1. List Filtering

The law forbids companies from calling someone whose name is on the Do-Not-Disturb, or Do-Not-Call list. They have to pay hefty fines if they defy this rule, especially the TCPA or The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. Using an auto dialer will help you comply with this state and federal law by filtering the numbers on this list and making it impossible to call those lines.

2. Unproductive Number Detection

The software can identify unproductive numbers, including those without answers, fax signals, voicemails, or busy signals. The program can only be beneficial when directing live calls to an agent. This feature is important because such contacts usually have little or no chance of making your marketing efforts more successful.

3. CRM Integration

CRM or customer relationship management systems enable users to arrange customer data and improve customer interactions. CRM systems and auto dialers are compatible with each other. They integrate easily via the cloud and provide live customer data to agents. Therefore, you will not need to use a different app to enter contacts into the auto dialer.

4. Dialing Rate

Agents can make personalized outbound structures and set the speed such that it is enough for the exact requirements of specific tasks. This increases the speed of your business overall — an essential factor in also increasing profitability.

5. Call Transfer

This allows agents to work remotely since they use this software online. The auto-dialing gadgets make it possible for users to transfer calls across devices such as softphones, office phones, and mobile phones.

6. Time Zone Management

With so many time zones worldwide and businesses expanding their markets, agents must factor in the time zone of the person they are contacting. A call made at the wrong time is not as effective as one made at the appropriate time.

Auto dialers have a time management feature that enables the user to make sure the call is made during the recipient’s convenient time frame according to their location.

7. List Management

Additionally, auto dialers allow users to import contacts from databases and spreadsheets using a list uploader. When in the system, a user can use the auto dialing software to oversee the management features and current customers.

This feature will help your business save a lot of valuable time that could have been wasted inputting telephone numbers manually before dialing like agents used to do in the past. Thus, your agents or marketers can maximize their time and improve their productivity, cutting back on time already wasted at work.

8. Message Broadcasting

A business can use this device to announce different voice messages to many people. This saves time for your agents as they don’t need to speak individually to broadcast a message.

9. Employee Performance Monitoring

These gadgets can also be linked to dashboards that offer real-time information about campaigns and call success. A business owner or manager can use the data to evaluate performance and keep track of activities.

Final Thoughts

Most businesses acknowledge the importance of investing in a durable and efficient auto dialer. They are particularly indispensable for call centers since they increase efficiency, boost employee motivation, and improve sales.

But while they’re useful, you need to know the features to look for before investing in a system. These features, listed above make the work of a user and business easier.

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