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A cheat-sheet for ranking for payday loan seo keywords

May 29, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Helen Bell, Independent Technology Author

Purple words 300x199 A cheat sheet for ranking for payday loan seo keywords

Payday loan companies face a lot of competition online.  This is because they are always trying to outdo each other in getting clients for their services. As a result, the companies do a lot of SEO activities so that their websites can rank high search engine results. However, SEO is a difficult process that involves countless months of hard work, testing and trial and error. Therefore, you have to face the ups and downs of SEO in order to know what works and what doesn’t. In short, you will have to spend time, money and effort before learning what works best for your site. For that reason, any shortcut is always welcome as it will save you a lot of time and money.  Below, we will look at a cheat-sheet for ranking payday loans keywords with ease. If you understand the different aspects of SEO, you can go to your competitor’s website and get the strategies that work for them. That way, you can get ahead with your own site and skip the grunt work. Here is a SEO cheat sheet to help you steal your competitor’s rankings, traffic and leads.

Steal the backlinks

Backlinks are very important in search engine optimisation as they help in ranking, getting leads and traffic for your site. Therefore, it is important to consider stealing your competitor’s backlinks so that you can be able to do a few things. This includes:

- Increase your search engine ranking potential. When you conduct a query for a particular keyword, search engines send crawlers through site inventories before bringing the most relevant results. When you backlink your site from credible sites, you will raise your search engine ranking. Instead of finding credible links by you, you can just look at a competitor’s site and steal some backlinks from there.  

-Drive targeted, high quality traffic to your site. With credible backlinks, you are able to drive high quality traffic to your site. That way, you will get potential leads that can turn into conversions.

- Increased brand awareness. Brand awareness is another thing that you can gain from backlinking. This is because when you are connected to credible sites; your brand gets a lot of recognition from the sites traffic. That way, your brand becomes acceptable to new visitors.

Before getting your competitors links, you should look at the strategies that they used and see if they can be helpful to your own site.

Hijack their keywords

Finding the right keywords can be tough. This is especially considering that long chain keywords are overcrowded by large sites.  If you used those keywords, it would be hard for you to rank high on search engine results. However, if you find the right keywords, you could utilize them well and make your site rank high on search engine results. Luckily, there is a way to find the right keywords without going through the hustle and bustle of SEO.  You can use tools such as to pull out information about your competitors and the keywords that that are ranking high for them.

Alexa is a resourceful site especially because it gives you a list of 5 keywords that a site is ranking for. As a result, you can get a glimpse of the keywords that your competitors are using and ranking for on search engines.

If the keywords are taking up the largest search engine percentages then, they are worth trying out on your own site.

Create better content

Another tip for beating your web competition is by having better content. You can take some of your competitor’s content ideas, make them your own before improving on them. This can enable you to top rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

Research has shown that longer posts have better ranking than shorter ones. For example, if your competitor is creating about 1000 words of content on their site, consider creating double that number. You can just steal their ideas and expound on them so that provide more details on the topic. That way, you will outrank your competitors.

Be faster than the competition

Another cheat that you can use is to make your site faster than the competition as Search engines normally prefer faster loading sites. If your site is too slow to load, people are likely to click on the back button. As a result, Google will count that as a bounce and move your site down the ranking. Therefore, you not only need to steal your competitor’s leads and traffic, be faster than them.

About the Author

Helen Bell is an experienced SEO consultant that specialises in Local SEO Campaigns. She now writes for a range of blogs across the internet sharing her knowledge and views about what is involved to rank through the search engines.


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