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A Guide to Measuring CSAT Scores for Your Business

May 26, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Russell Emmental, Independent Technology Author


Your CSAT score is a piece of important information crucial to every business and every branch within the company. This provides you with the metrics you need to understand how your customer support team is performing and how you can do better.

But you can only use these scores if you’re measuring customer satisfaction effectively. With an ineffective survey, a low score could simply signal dissatisfaction with the survey setup.

If you think your CSAT survey could use some optimizing, read on!

What is a CSAT Score?

Your CSAT measures your customer satisfaction. This data is collected from a CSAT survey sent out after the customer gets off the phone, and it asks the customer to rank their experience on a scale of one to five. You can use their rank to compare reviews with each other and find out what people think of your service.

The survey responses are an effective way to learn how to improve CSAT scores.

However, a poorly designed survey isn’t a reliable way to determine how your customer feels. Any responses to a survey can be affected by how you word the survey, the questions you ask, and how quickly you send the survey. For the best insights, you’ll need to improve your method of gathering data.

Optimizing Your CSAT Surveys

If you’re ready to improve your CSAT surveys, here are some top tips you can use:

1. Make the Wording Simple. Specialized jargon will quickly turn off customers. Make your surveys as warm, friendly, and inviting as possible by making questions simple and easy to answer.

2. Make Surveys Short. 80% of customers abandon surveys halfway through. Don’t be another contributor to survey fatigue. Ask the questions you genuinely need to have answered and nothing more. The shorter the survey, the more likely it will be completed thoroughly and by more customers.

3. Make Questions Relevant. If you offer various services or products, the data a customer can offer will vary. For example, if you want to know why most customers buy single products rather than bundles, you don’t want to ask customers who bundle. They will feel that this survey isn’t for them. At that point, you’re in trouble because you’re wasting your customer’s time.

If you have different groups of customers, take the time to ensure relevant surveys go to those customers.

Improving Your Scores

Improving customer satisfaction aims to ensure resolutions are offered to customers as quickly and easily as possible. To increase efficiency and rates of success, the solutions to your customer dissatisfaction woes will look different depending on your survey results.

For example, you may have a strong team, but the team is working with outdated equipment that can’t keep up. On the other hand, you can have all the best tech in the world, but if the agents don’t know how to use it effectively, customers won’t be happy.

The point of optimizing your surveys is to gather helpful feedback. If you’re not seriously considering the responses, you’ve wasted all the effort you spent on your surveys.

Providing the Best Service is Key

Good customer service is a crucial part of a well-run business or department. To provide good service, you need to know what your customers think; however, the common CSAT reviews are not always trustworthy. This is where survey optimization comes in.

Use this guide to inform how you design your surveys to ensure that the data you’re collecting is accurate and useful. This way, you can get to the heart of what’s working for your business and where you can begin to improve your services.

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