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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Advanced Map Tech Integrated For Land Surveying

December 30, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Allen Brown, Independent Technology Author

land survey

The world is vast and it leaves many corners for us to uncover. Land surveying helps us get a glimpse of a large area within a matter of time and this technology is only getting better as the years go by. Now, advanced map tech for land surveying provides us more accurate details about an area of land in record time.

Geospatial World says that the new technology supporting land surveying has resulted in four key benefits for us: accuracy, scope, speed, and infrastructure possibilities. This technology benefits various industries at that. This is why agriculture, construction, and many others that make use of massive plots of land have improved greatly over the past years.

These key improvements cover all of the essentials when it comes to land surveying. What’s even better is that the technology is continuously improving. In time, these key benefits will be improved even further, giving us access to data that’s more accurate in times that are faster than ever before.

What’s Next?

The question shouldn’t be ‘what’s next for land surveying techniques?’ It should be, ‘how can land surveying firms use today’s available technology to make land surveying easier?’ Drones are being used in various industries already. In the military, it is used to safely survey areas of conflict so that soldiers stay safe. In photography, it is used to take breathtaking shots from above. Then in retail, drones are being used to deliver goods as efficiently as possible. It shouldn’t be surprising that now, it’s upending land surveying as we know it.

There’s no doubt that drones and automation are going to play a huge part in the future of the industry. Land surveying specialist Ray Carlson in Sonoma believes that small unmanned drones are capable of surveying and gathering more data than ever before. It also takes less effort to monitor huge plots of land because of technology. Drone technology is one of the biggest assets to come into land surveying currently.

Another technology that’s going to play a crucial role in land surveying is cloud-based data storage. Many firms believe that this will be the future of data storage as the norm in the industry. Cloud-based data is just what it needs because it makes everything readily available for those that need the information.

In more advanced technologies, many are confident that automation and AI are going to play key roles in land surveying as well. There will come a time when humans will barely have to do anything to survey lands. The key is to not just make the process of land surveying more efficient, it’s also to ensure that it becomes as easy as possible as well.

Land surveying is only getting better from here on out. All these improvements are available thanks to programmers, innovators, and industry shapers that only want to ensure that every inch of land on earth is used as efficiently as possible. It’s tough to say what the future will be like for the industry but those that are in it are very optimistic already.

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