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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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An introduction to Tech Video Editing for your Business

May 16, 2024 No Comments

Featured article by Evelina Brown, Independent Technology Author

TV commercials, YouTube sponsored videos, short promo clips: all these kinds of videos became an essential part of the modern marketing world. Nowadays, the competition in business is mounting, and you need to overcome dozens of distractions to draw the potential customer’s attention. Only showing pictures and text commercials of your product to people is not good enough.

Look here to see how VR is impacting customer service, and you will understand one simple truth: you need professional videos for your business.

And good video production is inseparable from editing. That’s why today, we will try to make the first step into the world of tech video editing and talk about the necessary things you need to become a successful video editor for your business.


What is a tech video?

Let’s get down to business and learn the terminology. What is a tech video?

A tech video is simply a piece of content that was created to review or show off a tech product: phone, laptop, camera, or any other gadget. Any video about the new iPhone or a gaming laptop from Asus is a tech video. Or it can be a video that is related to a tech theme, like the “how to upload a 360 video to YouTube” tutorial, for example.

Is tech video editing different from regular editing?: not really. As long as you have the best video editing software and proper machine to work one, you are good to go.

What do you need for tech editing

Business video production is a very creative process that consists of three stages: pre-production, shooting and post-production, or simply editing. In the post-production, our part of the interest, you need only two things to create absolutely amazing tech videos. The first of them is the proper PC or a laptop.


When you choose a computer for tech video editing, remember that you need to focus on getting the best quality video in the end. You will need a machine that will be powerful enough to handle even 4K or 360-video editing.

The main parts of the computer you need to focus on are:

1)     Powerful processor

2)     Professional graphics card

3)     A plethora of memory space

4)     More than enough storage space on SSD or HDD drive

5)     A display or monitor with high resolution

The second crucial thing for tech video editing is, of course, the best editing software you can get. But let’s explore this part in the next paragraph.

Best video editing software for businesses

There are many great free video editing software options on the market, but tech videos usually need something more. Don’t get us wrong: free software can be as good as a commercial one. However, to put your content to the next level, it is better to use professional software.  It will ensure the highest quality of the final products.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and best video editing programs on the market.

1)     Adobe Premiere Pro. It is the classic software, the usual starting point of the editing journey of many. Adobe Premiere Pro offers the best in the industry color correction tools, the ability to add graphics, and interesting elements like interactive applications into your videos. The amount of features is enormous, and they are worth every penny you spent on them.

2)     Movavi. Another industry leader, Movavi, is the software that makes your editing process easy and fun. It is an all-in-one video maker with countless useful features, so you will be able to create pretty much any video you want with this program.

3)     Final Cut Pro is the answer to your “how to make a video for your business look professional and hot” question. This is an Apple software, so it can be the one for you if you are a Mac user. You can use it for any type of videos, pictures, and even music. With Final Cut Pro, you will be able to edit 360 videos, 4K content, and everything else you need: the possibilities are endless.


More than 75% of businesses that regularly use videos in their marketing campaigns report an incredible return of investments here. It is profitable, modern and if your business is not the one that uses video marketing in its strategy, you should definitely start.

Video editing is art, and when you’ve got the proper tools, gained a piece of knowledge, and you are ready to be creative, editing will become the best endeavor for your business you have ever had. Good luck!

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