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An overview about the various types of psychometric tests and their utility

January 5, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Andrew Philips, Independent Technology Author


The concept of psychometric tests has evolved into a major industry. An organization churns in a reasonable degree of time to have an understanding about the employment types, personal inclinations and learning objectives. Each and every type of psychometric testing tools is exhaustive and each and every test is going to outline a specific purpose.

In their corporate setting their application is enormous. An example is in a country like US the hiring along with development has gone on to witness a phenomenal curve. The past trends go on to showcase that the companies end up relying on such type of tests for aptitude and personality tests. It could be for training and development or career guidance.

The importance of psychometric tests

– The main reason for choosing psychometric tests as part of the recruitment process is to choose the best candidate. For sure it is going to improve the hires quality and by best fit we come to the notion that the best candidates emerge through cultural fit modules.

– There are numerous test types that go on to provide a holistic view of the candidate. It is something that a CV is not going to divulge a lot. An example is that a person who is not keen to indulge in inter personal relationships might not be suitable for a customer centric role

– With objective assessments a substantial view of the candidate

– A gradual reduction in the costs of HR that goes on to enhance the reputation of the HR process.
Predicators are reliable when it comes to job performance

No definitive pattern exists when it is the case of a psychometric test. it is possible for a recruiter to administer the test at short time listing procedures. Even it becomes easy to outline the possibility and personality that is needed for the job. The beauty of such type of tests is that they have been in prominence ever since the 20th century and they were part of the educational philosophy.

The different types of psychometric tests and their evolution

Worldwide organizations rely on different type of psychometric tests as part of the recruitment process


It works out to be one of the popular forms of psychometric tests that is put to use across industries. Here the test is conducted across four parameters. It is going to include intuition, sensing, extra version or intra version. Then you go on to divide it further into 16 personality types. A fact that comes to the fore is around a majority of the fortune 500 companies have gone on to incorporate this test as part of the hiring process.

With the help of this test, the intrinsic view of the candidates is obtained. Though it works out to be an important tool when it comes to self- awareness how useful it is part of the job process is not well established. A past research goes on to showcase that if you select candidates based on the test it is not going to set the tone for bad hiring decisions.

16PF questionnaire

It goes by the name of 16 type questionnaire test that goes on to showcase the 16 personality traits that a person possess and it can be warmth and tension. Here the test is go to comprise a few questions as it goes on to figure out on how a candidate is able to react on to a situation quickly. With the help of this tool you can address the hiring along with recruitment challenges. A particular reason for their popularity is that it focuses on practical solutions and does not lay any type of emphasize on general type of personality questions.


A powerful tool that has gone on to gain a lot of prominence among HR professionals. Here you go on to take four type of tools that is dominance, inducement, submission along with compliance. With the help of these traits it is easy to figure out whether an individual is task centric or people centric. Most of the companies rely on this method to be filtering out the good employees. it also points to the fact that a particular personality trait might be suited for a unique job. With the aid of this tool you can go on to address the issues of dynamic relationships. Even it goes on to address such issues like problem solving or leadership to the front. Among the various types of psychometric tests it has gone on to generate a lot of attention.

Aptitude tests

It is a type of cognitive test that lays a lot of emphasis on intelligence. In fact it works out to be a combination of numerical and mathematical abilities. With the verbal reasoning test it is easy to find out whether a candidate is suitable for a job. There are numerous types of verbal reasoning tests that turn out to be in demand. An example is a verbal reasoning test that goes on to test the language skills of the candidates might point to sentence completion questions.

With the help of this test it provides a fair indication on how a candidate is able to cope up with real life challenges. On the other hand there could be various candidates who require candidates good at numerical skills. Such a test is going to check out the candidates on such type of skills. Even it is going to work with the company financials and audit reports. The data that is generated by the companies works out to be an abundant information source that not only tracks progress but goes a long way to achieve success.

In addition you can resort to the use of a logical reasoning test that mostly occurs in a non- verbal format. It is going to figure out the deductive and inductive skills of a candidate. With the help of this test a candidate is able to determine the critical skills.

Author: Hey all, I am Andrew Philips, as a blogger, writer and content marketer also started influence marketing. We welcome our visitors with a huge collection of informative blogs on trending topics.


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