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Can an antivirus fail to detect malware? In which cases?

September 24, 2021 No Comments

by Shan Ge


The world of technology has opened a new avenue for humankind. People are enjoying multiple benefits using the latest technologies. Antivirus is one among them people rely upon to become secured while browsing the internet or performing different work over an online arena. Antivirus software ensures to make your browsing easier and hassle-free as no malware can enter your space, and there is no threat to your personal data or browsing history. But, in a few instances, things can be different. Sometimes, these antiviruses can fail to detect malware in the system, and the consequences are not what you desire.

Reasons behind the failure of the antivirus

When you are using a quality antivirus, it lets you know about the entry of any malware into the system immediately. Whatever file is unknown, the software sends an alert for it, and the user needs to find out if it is really threatful or can be ignored. But for ensuring data security of your devices, you must install the latest antivirus with the required features. Some of the antiviruses are available in package form for multiple devices based on market requirements.

Now, you must know the conditions responsible for the failure of the antivirus to detect the malware at the right time. Some of these conditions are-

⮚     When the malware is completely new and unknown to the system and the antivirus software, it is known as Zero-day malware and is quite vulnerable.

⮚     You need to update your antivirus software regularly. Otherwise, the latest malware can get undetected, and the situation gets worse.

⮚     If the user uses manual settings to set action and manage the detection of threats and malwares, it may get skipped by the antivirus.

⮚     Malware creators encrypt files in such a way that antivirus cannot detect those executable files. These remain unintelligible by popular antivirus software due to the smart steps from malware developers.

⮚     If the user allows some infected application to run on his/her device without checking the source, it can surely affect the device with malware. You must be aware of the allowed programs to ensure not to access any of them over your device to avoid such threats.

⮚     The signature malware database is also very important for the antivirus to identify the threat associated with any software or application or even any pages over the internet. If the signature database of the antivirus you are using misses the data for identification, the malware is sure to affect your device and breach your security.

⮚     As a user, you have the freedom to set the security level from high to low. The higher the security level you will set, the better detection will happen than the loose and low detection of malwareusing expensive antivirus for your multiple devices.

These reasons mentioned above or situations create the exception in the functioning of the antiviruses. But most of the detection also depends on the user and his/her experience of using the internet and different software and applications. A careless click over a pop-up advertisement can bring many threats to your system, and your data can be used for any purpose without your knowledge.

How to ensure better security while using antivirus software?

A list of antivirus software is available in the market, and all claim to provide the best security at the most reasonable price. But as a regular user, you need to identify the best among them worthy of your investment and guarantee the best security against all kinds of malware. The problem is, not all the users are as experts as software developers or tech professionals. Regular users need professional and expert help.

When you know why antivirus software fails to detect viruses, you are already a step ahead in choosing a better antivirus for securing your devices. It would be best if you went through the leading antivirus software available and then made your mind. Experts can guide you or provide suggestions, but you need to take the final call. You need to check the following factors to identify the best antivirus.

✔First and foremost, the antivirus must be able to detect the latest malware. Even the malware and spyware, rootkits, ransomware, and all possible threats available must be identifiable through the latest and updated system. The product should ensure that your devices will be safe and secure from any possible threat completely.

✔Most of the antivirus comes with an extra internet security package, but in reality, you rarely get the advantage. Instead, these additional features make your machine lag and get extra threats. Before you agree to get any antivirus, go through the features available in detail for better understanding. It would be best if you only went for the genuinely available features and will be effective in real life.

✔It would be best to have an antivirus as a common user and not as an IT expert. So, when you are looking for quality antivirus for your devices like mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, or others, choose the easiest and seamless application for hassle-free handling.

✔Antivirus must be fast and flexible in use to detect the malware at the right time. You should not invest in some antivirus that will not perform efficiently in serving your purposes.

✔You are investing a lot of money in quality antivirus software. So, experts always guide you to choose something worthy of your investment and get the best and most desired services from the antivirus.

This world of malware, software, and antivirus is changing every minute, and it is really hard to keep up with the pace. But these days, people rarely get the chance to live without using these devices. Like the internet, this malware has become a part of our lives as well. This is why a regular update of the antivirus and malware is part of this world, and it is impossible to make any permanent resolution in this factor. Users can be more cautious and be more mindful while using the internet and choosing the antivirus for their product.



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