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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Catchpoint Introduces the First Comprehensive Digital Experience Score for Faster IT Resolution

August 10, 2021 No Comments

Quantifiable measurement of employee’s digital experiences provides IT with real-time data for improved productivity

(New York, USA) – August 10, 2021 – Catchpoint®, the global leader in Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), today announced the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, providing the first all-encompassing metric which represents all essential drivers of digital end-user experience. It correlates network and application experiences with user device performance in one. Armed with the information, IT teams can quickly identify the source of user problems and fix them faster.

For the first time, IT teams have a complete and quantifiable measurement of employees’ digital experiences, dramatically reducing the time it takes to identify the root cause. What makes the score unique is the visibility it provides into all the necessary components of the service delivery chain that account for digital user experience and a comprehensive insight into areas for improvement. It is calculated as an average of the data coming from devices, applications and networks which helps provide an overall summary of what’s occurring, in real time.

“If you have no real way of measuring the quality of employee experience on the apps, networks and devices they interact with every day, how can you improve it?” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “IT teams can go beyond the basic and spotty visibility that other products provide to deeply analyze and optimize the complete digital experience.”

Poor digital employee experience is detrimental to productivity, morale and ultimately the business. Typically, IT teams have to sift through incomplete data and reports that only tell half the story about the true end-user experience and have no measurement system in place.

“It’s critical for us to be proactive and employee-focused,” said Pete Charlton, AVP of Infrastructure & Operations at TMNA Services. “Having real-time visibility over the entire experience helps us be more proactive, saving money and time. With Catchpoint’s Experience Score we have visibility into the quality of our employees’ digital workplace experience with tangible, actionable data that gives us immediate insight into improvement opportunities.”

With the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, IT teams can:

– Keep a pulse on their workforce’s digital experiences
– Identify bottlenecks and find the root cause faster
– Baseline and improve experience to increase workforce productivity

Key capabilities of the experience score include:

– Endpoint Score: The Endpoint Score shows the impact an Endpoint device is having on user experience. It is calculated by factoring in device specific metrics such as CPU and memory utilization.

– Network Score: The Network Score shows the impact the network is having on user experience. It is calculated with various network measurements such as packet loss and round-trip time.

– Application Score: The Application Score shows the impact one or more applications are having on user experience. It is calculated using load times, perceived application performance, and additional factors such as errors or timeouts.

To learn more about Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Score watch the video and attend an upcoming live webcast.

About Catchpoint

Catchpoint, the global leader in Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), empowers business and IT leaders to protect and advance the experience of their customers and employees. In a digital economy, enabled by cloud, SaaS and IoT, applications and users are everywhere. Catchpoint offers the largest and most geographically distributed monitoring network in the industry – it’s the only DEM platform that can scale and support today’s customer and employee location diversity and application distribution. It helps enterprises proactively detect, identify and validate user and application reachability, availability, performance and reliability, across an increasingly complex digital delivery chain. Industry leaders like Google, L’Oréal, Verizon, Oracle, LinkedIn, Honeywell, and Priceline trust Catchpoint’s out-of-the box monitoring platform, to proactively detect, repair, and optimize customer and employee experiences. Learn more at

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