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The Risk to our Personal Health Records

March 1, 2011 No Comments

Today we live in an environment where we are constantly analyzing the economics of investing in security and determining the value of the assets that we are protecting. In healthcare today, there is an ever increasing concern with protecting patient privacy as nurses, technicians, doctors, billing clerks, payers, providers and many others have practically unlimited access to their private information. The biggest disappointment that I have with HIPAA is that it offers healthcare organizations a rare opportunity to update their technology platform with best practices, proper procedures and policy enforcement, but very few have actually done so. Too many times the concern of business continuity or ease of use for medical workers drive the strategy and deployment of secure infrastructure, applications and platforms for healthcare enterprises. It is estimated that the healthcare invests approximately 2% of its revenues towards Information Technology, while other industries such as financial services invest nearly 10%. Read More…