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Critical Things to Consider When Looking for a UX Design Agency

October 3, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Veronika Biliavska, Independent Technology Author

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An increasingly growing number of businesses nowadays begin to rethink their marketing campaigns in terms of introducing solutions and techniques that would improve user experience and increase ROI at the same time. Because customers change over time, the only right approach when it comes to UX design solutions is a personalized one.

Getting UX design projects accomplished is not an issue nowadays, even if you don’t have an experienced design team in your company. The most common practice today is hiring third-party agencies. The question is, how do you find the right one? You need a UX design company that would be able to provide you with solutions matching your business goals. Let’s take a look at some of the main things you should focus on when looking for a trustworthy UX agency.


The very first thing you should pay attention to when looking for a UX agency is whether it possesses experience and qualifications to handle your project. The best candidate would have sufficient expertise in the completion of actionable UX design projects for clients from the same industry niche with you.

Look for a company with a portfolio that includes relevant case studies along with project samples. It will help you see the overall competency level of the subject UX agency and define if it can meet your needs. It also provides you with a perspective on the agency’s deliverable range, revealing the design solutions they’ve already offered to other clients. There are many significant web design companies that provide comprehensive portfolios, such as Clay, Red Antler, MetaLab, etc.

A seasoned UX agency will provide you with technical details on your potential design project with them. Find out what professional tools and software the agency uses and what solutions its team can offer you. Feel free to ask the agency representatives about cross-platform capabilities, responsive design solutions, etc.

Healthy Interaction

Effective communication is another essential factor you should consider when hiring a UX agency. Meaningful and timely communication between the client and the design contractor is crucial. It is particularly critical for adjusting different processes related to your project. Inefficient, sparse dialogue will always cause misinterpretation of your goals and, thus, irrelevant final design.

Make sure you can communicate with the UX design agency via several steady channels, including email, phone, and instant messaging apps to secure the ability to solve urgent issues, if they come up. If you can visit the agency’s office first, it would provide you with a better grip of your relations.

Robust Relationships

When you’re finally sure about the agency’s expertise level and set up stable communication, it’s time to establish permanent business relationships with it. You should remember that hiring a UX agency can involve some unexpected risks, as you will undoubtedly need future project maintenance and support. It means that the better relationships you can support with your UI/UX design agency, the better for your project and, hence, your business.

This process includes the integration of new functions, features, and other perks for better compliance with your business objectives. While you can always try and find a new contractor, it’s simply better to have the same company that has initially worked on the project to take care of these matters.


Whatever your business is, time is one of the most crucial factors, in terms of design, mainly. By determining time restraints on the tasks you’re going to assign to the UX design company, you protect yourself from possible drawbacks. It is the company you hire that should be worried about getting your UX design project accomplished in time while avoiding any development problems. Thus, they will make sure everything is in place before delivering it to you. Before starting to work on your project, the company will have to build a timeline and then follow it in the process. You can get an idea of how the agency deals with this by taking a look at Google reviews and comments on its corporate pages in social media.


It’s rather apparent that the money you spend on your design project is one of the most significant things. You have to consider your budget carefully to avoid overspending on one thing to be able to provide your company with something else. Even if you are entirely confident that the UX agency you’re hiring is reliable and trustworthy, you should draw the line on your expenses.

That is why you should estimate your project costs in advance and protect yourself and your business from additional risks. While you can be well aware of the general design process matters, you should acknowledge that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The process of user experience design can include a lot of different tasks, and this often results in extra costs. The clear comprehension of this fact can help you make it clear for the agency you’re about to hire that they should provide you with a particular cost appraisal. It will help prepare for all the possible expenses that may occur in the process.

About the Author

Veronika Biliavska is an independent copywriter. She is passionate about rocket science and ancient Greek literature.


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