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Email Personalization Techniques To Skyrocket Your Sales

September 28, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Jacob Davis

Benefits-of-Email-Personalization-1-1-700x525Everything in today’s time is focused on personalization. If the business you’re conducting has a personalized touch, your customers are likely to believe you more than your competitors. Hence, email personalization is no less.

Email marketing is still relevant. Therefore, if you personalize your strategy, you’re likely to receive more results. According to Forbes, as of 2020, email marketing is still a vital tool that can help to generate a better return on investment. Compared to other marketing channels, this technique can help you get back $42 for every dollar.

But, which audience should one target the most? According to HBR, 98% of millennials work on their personal email. If you add a touch of personalization, the open rate will increase. Furthermore, by 2024, it is anticipated that more than 361.6 billion million will be sent daily.

6 Ways To Personalize Your Email

Email bounce backs can be very dangerous for your marketing strategy. Whether you’re adopting this method for your startup or existing business, personalization can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Some of the best tips to personalize your email for skyrocketing sales include the following:

1.    Ask The Right Questions

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is to ask them the right questions. If your email contains questions like why they visit your website or subscribe, you can be beneficial.

Being direct can sometimes appear to be vague, but it is also one great way to connect. Asking direct questions will give you an insight into your customer’s mind. As a result, you will be able to collect data that can be beneficial for your business.

Moreover, this technique will also help you get potential leads, and you can frame targeted emails for them.

Every audience is different, and their reasons for joining the website will be different. Therefore, depending on the answer, you can personalize the emails and send them to them accordingly.

2.    Mail Them As If It Is A Conversation

If the email has a conversational tone, the customer will lead it. One of the best ways to add a personalized touch is to mail them addressing their name.

Many customers tend to spam the email, considering it to be a marketing one. However, if you address them with their name, it will hint that the mail is not marketing.

At the same time, it is advisable to be careful that you’re not using the name too many times. Sometimes, this technique can help you stand out from your customers.

3.    Divide The Email List Into Segments

It is advisable always to filter the email list. Sending out cold emails can be good. Nonetheless, doing so for a long time can negatively impact the marketing strategy.

The best way to create a list segment is to divide the categories into gender, role within the organization, and location. It is necessary to understand what the goal of your organization and campaign is.

Mentioning a few details about your organization and how you can help the target customers can be helpful. A connecting mail that allows you to interact with customers will be beneficial for your business. Segmentation has always been a driving force for email personalization techniques.

4.    Send Triggered Emails

Email automation can also help boost sales. When it comes to email automation, you will be using email marketing software that will help you identify your customers on some criteria.

You can personalize each email triggered in the software. These are behavioral emails that will help your customer understand that they know you. A significant number of businesses have been using behavioral emails to reach their customers.

Sending behavioral emails can seem to be complicated, but it is not. If you utilize email marketing software accurately, it can be of great help.

5.    A Subject Line Is The Key To Success

One of the biggest turn-offs of your mail can be the subject line. If you don’t enter an interesting subject line, no one is going to read the email. An attractive subject line helps to grab the attention of the audience.

All of us receive hundreds of emails each day. But if most of them have almost similar subject lines, we tend to ignore them. Therefore, if you want to capture your customer’s attention, you need to customize the subject link.

The length of a subject line can have a significant impact on your audience. If you keep it long and informative, no one is going to read it. However, if you keep the subject line short and informative, it can do wonders.

Moreover, it is also advisable to limit the use of emojis. While you may consider emojis to be helpful, too many of them are not. If you add a personalized subject line, the open rate will significantly increase.

The best way to determine success is to experiment with different subject lines. Trial emails can help you collect data as to which one is performing the best.

6.    Determine The Right Time To Send The Mail

When it comes to running online campaigns, timing is extremely crucial. It can be tough to find the perfect time for sending business emails. This is mostly because the timing for browsing emails will differ for each person.

Therefore, it is highly crucial to keep track of your customer data. Compared to others, entrepreneurs tend to check their emails frequently. Hence, if your target audience is entrepreneurs, the time or week doesn’t matter.

Mornings on weekends, however, can be highly crucial since most people browse their mails during this time. Moreover, it is also crucial to keep a check on time zones. Keep a note of the time zones of your audience so you can send them personalized emails more accurately.

Final Thoughts

It is almost impossible to create a personalized email in the beginning. However, if you’re careful with the subject line and segment each section carefully, you will generate better results.

The right strategies for email personalization can have a significant impact on your sales. Once you have identified your audience, start writing the email. Noting the information and then implementing it will generate better results.



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