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For better work and personal comfort: the iMind tool

September 5, 2022 No Comments

For better work and personal comfort: the iMind tool is the optimal choice!

by Nadezhda Stasevich

With the onset of the tendency for remote work, people pay more and more attention to the quality of the products for distant communication. They want tools to be reliable, understandable, and multifunctional so that they have no necessity to switch between apps or services. Comfort and reliability are the major factors that identify the popularity of a video conferencing tool. Do iMind reviews prove them or not? Let’s clarify.

The iMind project

The development of this platform started ten years ago, in 2012. The team tried to do everything to get the experience with the larges companies as their partners – and they succeeded. Nation-level telecommunication organizations cooperated with them to reach their goal, and finally, here we are. 

Since then, the iMind has become an international platform that provides its services to any person who needs them. It develops intensively, and each update brings better features to the product designed to hold online meetings. 

What the free plan offers

Currently, the iMind tool is truly multifunctional. Its undisputable advantage is a free plan that is not limited in use. The restrictions for certain functions are reasonable so people can benefit from the solution not overloaded with unnecessary features. 

To bring more clarity, below we describe the core options free of charge:

  • – Minimalist interface designed with pleasant colors and decent details. The buttons’ design helps easily understand what function it corresponds to, so even an inexperienced user will deal with operation peculiarities with no hassle.

  • – HD video and audio. The tool provides a signal not distorted on the other side. Background noise elimination enhances communication even more.

  • – Variability of usage in a browser or in-app. Releases you from the trouble of defining the compatibility specificities.

  • – The maximum conference duration is 24 hours. Provides seamless communication for as long as you need. 

  • – Ability to record the meetings. The system stores your records in a folder you can find on the main page of your account. They are easy to rewatch, rename, or share.

  • – Concurrent screen display. Several participants can use visual aid while talking at the same time – a perfect opportunity to improve education or brainstorming quality. 

  • – Creating up to 10 conference rooms. You can manage and delete your personal rooms within this limit for free. Pro subscription removes the limit. 

  • – Invite attendees within 100 people for one meeting. It is the lowest limit of all the plan options the platform provides. On each next level, the maximum of participants grows. 

  • – Safety benefits. Here, several functions are included: data encryption, visual authentication, and usage of one-time codes for entering the conferences. 

Looking through this list, you can better realize why the iMind tool is called multifunctional. It gives you a considerable scope to take advantage of during your work.

Reviews and rates

The platform is not new. It has been growing and developing for quite a long now, and a significant part of many improvements is customers’ opinions. Feedback helps understand better what users need, and the iMind team uses this opportunity in full.

If we pay attention to the reviews in 2022, we will see that people are satisfied with the quality of the product. Users appreciate how simple the work in the tool is and how smoothly the communication happens. It touches upon the limit of the attendees, scheduling options, working with information, and safety questions. Go to the G2 source to learn more about what people say. 

Making the bottom line, we need to say that the iMind solution corresponds perfectly to the modern standards of video conferencing software. The only thing you need to prove it – is to try.

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