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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How to Communicate Better with Your Customers Through Technology

January 10, 2023 No Comments

By Luke

Communication is the key to grow and to prosper for a company, in all industry sectors. Today, with technologies exploding in the field of communication, it implies being present on a large variety of channels, in order to be able to respond to customers demand, no matter where they are located or when they decide to request information. Otherwise, companies end-up losing customers that they won’t even know they could have had. Here is how to create a perfect communication with all customers, whether they have already bought from your firm, or they are still at the stage of being a prospect.

Install a VoIP Phone System to centralize All Communications

If you think that it is fine for your employees to give out their cell phone numbers, so that customers can contact them directly if they have any questions, you are missing out on a lot of data that could be leading your growth in the future. Instead, you are simply hoping that they will pick-up their phone, when it rings. Definitely a dangerous choice, since you won’t be able to control anything. What you need to do instead, in to install a VoIP phone system by Aircall, so that you can be aware of everything that is going on inside the company, while accumulating data on all communication, which you can then study to grow your business.

VoIP phone systems have been replacing traditional ones for many years now. It started inside large companies, as they were looking to save money. Since there is no physical installation, and everything is run through software, there are no additional fees for adding or removal a single line. Instead, you can buy bundles and lines whenever you need to. It also reduces many other costs, including long-distance communications. But what attracted smaller companies to this technology, is the capacity to manage all communication easily, and to gain power through the analysis of the calls that go in and out.

Link Your VoIP Phone System to All Channels

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we now live in an omnichannel world. Businesses don’t control the way they communicate with their customers anymore. It is the latter that do. And so, if they want to send you a message on Facebook in the middle of the night, someone will have to be able to respond to it. Your VoIP phone system can do it for you, while transferring the message to the right person inside the company, so that they will continue the conversation in the morning, taking over from the system, which will already have advised the customer that someone would be in touch the next day. 

The same is true about all other channels available today. It includes e-mails, other social media (TikTok, Instagram, etc.), communication apps (WhatsApp and others), phone text messages, and the list goes on, which increases every year. If you have linked them all up to your new phone system, none of them will ever get lost, which means that all potential customers will get the response they were waiting for, in a reasonable delay of time. 

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