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How to Get IT Certification in 2023?

December 28, 2022 No Comments

by Shelly Long

Getting a certification in a certain field is the best way to add knowledge, improve your resume, and boost your employability chances or work performance. If you are interested or already working in IT, you can get certification in 2023 quite easily.

When you bolster your skillsets, it becomes easier for you to perform tasks better and with greater confidence. It is also the only way to be more responsible while raising the company’s visibility. It is the best chance to get salary increments and avoid being laid off should the need arise. By improving skills, you become a good candidate when looking for new opportunities.

Understanding IT certification

This is a valuable confirmation that an individual is competent in a field or technological aspect. You earn such certification by completing an assessment successfully. Review and exams are also needed after the course of study have been completed.

IT certification can be defined as that certifiable and tangible proof that you know the skills needed in certain IT areas.

Are IT certifications good?

With an IT certification, there is a lot that you can do. You would have to produce your documents to show that you have studied and passed the exams.

When you have these certifications, you get validated for job expertise and a grasp of the right skills. It is a way to tell the interviewers that you are at a good proficiency level in a certain field. In many organizations, the recruiting process is sometimes intimidating. There is also a risk that candidates could exaggerate their skill sets and experience. When you have a certificate to match your claims, the recruiter can relax.

In many IT organizations, certification boosts an individual’s value. Many positions work well when there is a certified person running things. Employers are always inclined towards hiring a certified person over one who is not.

Certification gives an edge in showing employers you are serious about a certain field. You get more opportunities too. It makes sense to have a top-level certification.

Working on the certification

When up get IT certification, you show employers that you have the needed knowledge that is expected of professionals in this field. You also become competitive for promotions and jobs that are IT-related. Even when certification is not needed, you could stand out in applications when you have such a          qualification. The process of getting certified allows you to learn skills that you can apply in a job environment.

Getting certified

Pick a certification

You need to pick a certification that matches your needs. This highly depends on the skills you need to build and the things you intend to accomplish. You can look at certification roadmaps to get an idea of what’s on offer. It also helps to look at job descriptions regarding positions that interest you and see what skills are needed. If you want to stay in a role you are holding at the moment, you can seek the opinion of your seniors to see what applies to the company’s needs.

If you are starting, you can start with the basics like Google IT support professional certificate, CompTIA A+. Cisco certified network associate, among others.

Get ready for the exam

– The kind of certification you get will depend on the exams you pass to ensure you get the credentials. Getting ready for exams means:

– Meeting all set requirements. The entry-level usually don’t have prerequisites. For more advanced levels, there are stricter requirements. Check to see whether you qualify

– Study: this is the only way to pass. Every certificate requires an exam. There are different subjects covered. You should also access practice questions as well. Some certifications require more books and more classes for one to succeed.

– Schedule an exam: make sure you register for the exam. You may have to part with an exam fee. Depending on your study and experience in the field, you can determine the time you need to complete the course.

Sitting for the exam

You can do the exam in person or online. There are different questions to answer, including short answers, multiple answers, or others where you have to navigate through exercises. It is important to be conversant with the requirements and rules before sitting for an exam. Get to know what you need to present before sitting for an exam.

Update your LinkedIn and resume

After getting certification, it is important to put it in places where it will be easy to find. It makes sense to add the credentials to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Resume: here, you need to add the certification with the education section. You should list all new skills that have been learned during the course. Also, add projects you may complete.

LinkedIn: on this page, you need to add the certificate under certifications and licenses.

More certifications and renewals

Most IT certificates come with an expiration date. It is important to stay alert on how long the IT certification remains valid. You should plan well and ensure you meet the requirements for recertification. In many cases, you may have to sit for an exam for recertification, or you may need to complete some educational activities.

It would help if you also planned how to get the next certification. You need to find one that is necessary to your career. You can also switch to a different one if you want specialized knowledge. If the first certification was entry-level, look for certification in other areas of interest like cybersecurity, cloud computing, or networks. Confirm with your employer to find out which skills are most useful.

You should explore various paths in the certification road map.

Bottom line

The entire process of getting certified is one of the best ways of getting exposure to new ideals. It is a great way of refreshing the skills that you already have. The certification programs allow you to access some additional resources and make you better for networking chances with people of a similar mindset. By networking, you get more connections. These connections can be very useful to you throughout your career.

Getting an IT certificate allows new skills to be learned, which adds more value to you. The above is the best way to get IT certification today.

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