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How To Incorporate FinTech Into Your Everyday Business Processes

April 23, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Myrna Nigel, Digital Product Designer

Fintech and financial technology on smart phone

Financial technology has evolved, especially when it comes to improving and automating financial delivery services. As a FinTech manager, you are adept with this technology, helping consumers, business owners, and companies manage financial operations and processes using software and algorithms on mobile devices and computers. 

FinTech solutions can be used in any business, benefiting organizations and customers alike. Whether you have a FinTech firm, your own business, or working as a FinTech product manager for a company, incorporating FinTech solutions in your business processes provides lots of business benefits. 

But how can you incorporate FinTech into your everyday business processes? Learn the different ways below. 

Sales And Marketing: FinTech Increases Sales With Online Acquisition 

Developing a website or app for any business increases total retail sales by developing omnichannel strategies and direct-to-consumer platforms since many consumers browse the internet and adjust buying behaviors to a more digital environment. 

If you’re into the jewelry industry, you can check here to find out more about digitizing your jewelry business. Check the following tips to increase your return on investment (ROI) through online acquisition: 

– Mobile Payments: Mobile technology, a type of FinTech solution, helps increase your sales by providing more payment options to your target customers, making cashless payments possible.

– Handle Request Using Live Chat: With chatbots, you can offer real-time customer care, answer customer questions, and provide extra support. Chatbots increase conversions, making consumers trust your brand.

– Use A Product Configurator: Take advantage of this attractive feature for your business, in which consumers can create their own version of your product, allowing customization. For example, they can design jewelry pieces digitally and have fun experimenting with different precious stones and metals for free to create their ideal jewelry.

– Use CPQ To Help With Budgeting: A configure-price-quote (CPQ) feature can help your customers budget while shopping. This way, shoppers can find the best product that suits their shopping budget.

Business team meeting. Photo professional investor working new start up project. Finance task.Digital tablet docking keyboard laptop computer smart phone using, filter film effect

Creating Business Contracts: Execute Smart Contracts 

FinTech managers understand that smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms and conditions agreed by two parties written into code lines that exist across a decentralized, trackable, and irreversible blockchain network.   

From a business standpoint, buyers and sellers can use smart contracts, allowing agreements and transactions to be trusted and executed without requiring a legal system, external enforcement mechanism, or central authority. It means that business owners can automatically execute contracts utilizing computer programs, such as the blockchain involving currency exchange.

Dealing With Investors: Use Robo-advisors  

If you’re a FinTech product manager, you aim to drive a sustainable innovation firm and generate brand visibility in the FinTech ecosystem. You know that you’re responsible for understanding customers’ goals in looking for financial services, and identifying areas of improvement worth paying for. And this is when you can implement using Robo-advisors. 

Robo-advisors are suitable for straightforward investing, helping your clients identify their best investment options. These digital platforms provide automated financial planning services with minimal to zero human supervision. Clients can take an online survey, and the Robo-advisor gathers information, using the data to offer relevant advice. Robo-advisors are also utilized automatically for the investment of the client’s preferred assets. 

Investment businesses, such as insurance and other financial products, use the best Robo-advisors to help investors because they promote the following: 

* Easy account setup 
* Account services 
* Robust goal planning 
* Portfolio management  
* Security features 
* Comprehensive information
* Attentive customer service 
* Low fees 

Securing Business: Establish Cybersecurity Using FinTech Solutions  

For FinTech applications, cybersecurity requirements vary depending on your target markets and company’s location. Complying with the financial industry’s data protection regulations, you’ll boost your business cybersecurity, benefiting your customers and your business. 

Here are the best practices when establishing secure FinTech solutions that can help improve your business cybersecurity while protecting your customers:

– Data Encryption: As you know, tokenization and encryption are effective data and financial security solutions. When online consumers see that you have a secure payment system, they’ll likely purchase more items and become repeat customers, giving you a steady sales flow.   

– Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Improve efficiency and productivity in any business by implementing RBAC, thus, restricting network access according to the user’s relationship to the company or organization. For instance, your application can be an administrator, IT specialist, online support staff, manager, or customer. With varying access levels, you can reduce business security threats because unauthorized people can’t access your business information. 

– Short Log-in Sessions: Business operations can be compromised when hackers gain access to business accounts. Reducing session time helps protect financial data.

Customer Service: Improve Consumer Trust With FinTech Solutions 

Make your everyday customers happy by reassuring them that you’re doing everything to secure their financial and personal data. Take a look at these ways on how to secure your FinTech solutions to help improve consumer trust:

– One-Time Password (OTP): Every time a user wants to complete a transaction, such as proceeding to checkout, the dynamic PINs automatically generate a limited-time password, adding an extra layer of security. With an OTP system, accidental purchases by children can be avoided, giving parents peace of mind.  

Mandatory Password Change: As a FinTech expert, you can significantly lower a business’s security risks through a mandatory password change every three or six months, allowing you to promote consumer protection. This way, your customers can enjoy shopping without compromising their accounts due to data leakage. 

Adaptive Authentication: With adaptive authentication, you can show your target audience that you can identify data breach risks by analyzing user behavior. It helps detect suspicious activity and protect personal information and financial data.


As a FinTech manager, you’re knowledgeable about various financial technology solutions. Through the online acquisition, you can increase your ROI using mobile technology for cashless payments and other tech-related marketing solutions. You can also assure your customers that their account is secure when using your app or website by installing an OTP system. 

Use smart contracts to set up digital agreements between your business and vendors, suppliers, partners, and clients. Also, you can utilize Robo-advisors to help interested investors determine the best financial product or services for them. You can incorporate all of these FinTech solutions into your everyday business processes, such as sales and marketing, payment processing, contract creation, data security, and customer service.  


Myrna Nigel

Myrna Nigel is a digital product designer. She is specialized in 3D product configuration and shares her expertise in various tech-related publications. Myrna loves gadgets, watching movies, and camping. She has a dog named Scotty.

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