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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How to Unlock New Netflix Content

March 27, 2023 No Comments

Thanks to the internet and the rapid development of modern technology, our lives have become much easier and more convenient than ever before. One of the most significant advantages of living in our modern society is that we have entertainment at our fingertips. Remember the days when you would have to leave the house and drive to a store to rent a movie? Perhaps you had to wait for a specific day of the week so you can watch the next episode of your favorite series. If you missed the episode, it would be incredibly difficult to catch up again too!

However, those days are long gone thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Paramount Plus. You can watch movies and series on your smart TV, laptop, or smartphone, and they’re all on demand! Watch them wherever you want to, and whenever you want to. 10 years ago it would have been impossible to imagine that this would become a reality — and now we’re here! The only downside to these streaming platforms is that they don’t seem to be equal. Some countries have different movies and TV shows compared to others, and many Netflix users have rightly pointed out that the United States has the widest selection of content on popular streaming platforms. Unfortunately, there is a good reason why the content on Netflix and other streaming platforms differs from country to country — we’ll go into detail on those reasons below.

The good news is that there is an excellent cybersecurity tool that will allow you to tune into Netflix while masking your real location. This allows you to find brand-new content that is not available in your region. Want to know more about Netflix regions and how you can find thousands of new movies and TV shows? Keep reading to get all the details below!

Why Are Netflix Movies Always Different?

Have you ever scrolled through your Twitter or Facebook newsfeed and found people chatting about the latest and greatest movie that they found on Netflix? People often find golden nuggets while browsing the streaming series — whether it’s a brand-new movie that went under the radar or a golden oldie everyone forgot about. However, when you search for your Netflix account it’s nowhere to be found. It’s not uncommon, and many Netflix users worldwide have been complaining about this issue for years!

Netflix is different depending on the region you’re accessing it from. It makes sense though — if you’re in Japan, you’ll find Japanese movies and TV shows that you can’t find in South Africa for example. However, most people are looking for excellent Hollywood blockbusters that everyone’s talking about. The only problem is that they’re not always available internationally, and they may be restricted to some specific countries and regions around the world — here’s why.

Netflix needs to make sure that they abide by the copyright and royalty laws that each country has. These regulations are different in every country, and in some countries, there might be licensing issues that Netflix can’t bypass. In this case, they won’t be allowed to stream the movie or TV show in that region, which is why you can’t find the title on your Netflix account even if you’re seeing a bunch of people on your social media timeline chatting about it.

Netflix uses your device’s IP address to determine where you are accessing the streaming platform from. An IP address is a unique string of numbers that is used to identify your device on the internet, and websites can pinpoint your physical location using this unique identifier. So, even if you change the ‘country and region” settings in your profile or the language of your Netflix app, you’ll still be blocked from watching content that is not available in your region. The good news is that there is a way to change your IP address and bypass these restrictions!

The Magic of a VPN

The cybersecurity tool that you need is a virtual private network, which is also known as a VPN for short. VPNs are designed to encrypt your internet connection, which allows you to browse the internet anonymously. That’s because no one can keep track of your browsing history or monitor your internet traffic — your internet service provider, the government, cybercriminals, and even the websites that you visit will be left in the dark when it comes to your online presence. It’s the best tool you can invest in for privacy protection on the internet.

However, the feature that you want from a VPN is to change your IP address. VPNs have secure global servers that are located in hundreds of different countries around the world. When you connect to one of these servers, your real IP address will be masked, and your internet traffic will tunnel through the server, making it appear as if your device is located in the server’s location.

Spoofing your location with a VPN will trick websites into thinking that you’re accessing them from the server’s location rather than your real physical location. That’s why you might see the language on your browser change, and that’s also why you can access new content on Netflix! Simply connect to a server in the country of your choice and enjoy new movies and series!

Make Sure to Choose the Right VPN

Before you install the first VPN you can find, there’s an important note you need to keep in mind. Not all VPNs are capable of working with Netflix. That’s because the streaming giant is against the use of a VPN, and they’ll stop you from streaming if they detect a VPN.

You need to make sure that the VPN you use is compatible with Netflix. While there are plenty of free VPNs out there, the best VPNs compatible with Netflix are all premium VPNs. They come with additional benefits such as faster connection speeds, more global servers to choose from, and better encryption technology that keeps your online activity private. Always make sure to use a premium VPN if you want to unlock new Netflix content.

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