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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Is Accessibility Crucial for Your Business?

May 3, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Bernadine Racoma, Content Manager of eTranslation Services


When it comes to business management, there are a multitude of things to consider depending on details such as the industry and your company’s products. For businesses to stay afloat, especially newer businesses that might not have the same influence and clout as the veterans, it is crucial to know your target audience very well. After all, even if you might have chosen an industry where competitors are few and far between, a lack of understanding means potential clients will likely choose competitors over your company. A strong startup makes the most out of tech such as business software.

Capturing the audience

What would be the best way to catch the attention of your target audience? One relevant scenario includes a restaurant trying to drive sales in rush hour with plenty of competitors. One of the best ways they can get ahead is simply to have healthier alternatives to their recipes. That kind of accessibility is important, as there are plenty of people out there with food allergies that might not be able to enjoy as much as the rest of their family. In such cases, the entire family might forego a particular restaurant for one with healthier alternatives.

Restaurants will also buckle under pressure without the necessary business software to handle rush hour. Having a point-of-sale system ensures taking receipts are streamlined, easing much of the burden and allowing your staff to work more effectively.

The perfect way to market your content

Another example would be digital marketing. Tech marketing allows you to spread your message far and wide, and the right kind of strategy means your content will experience exposure all over the world. That said, without the use of translation services, you can reach a farther audience, especially with subtitles.

If you want to go the extra mile and ensure that even those with vision problems can get in on the fun, you can make use of audio descriptions for visually impaired individuals to ensure that your message gets through to as many people as possible.

The advantage of accessibility

Why would a company go for accessibility if it requires extra resources to accomplish? As stated above, those with food allergies (and their families) will likely go to a more accessible restaurant rather than the most popular restaurant. In turn, that restaurant grows in popularity due to word of mouth. Eventually, the other competitors are forced to provide healthier options as they are overshadowed by the smaller, more accessible establishment.

The same thing goes with just about any business. Accessibility not only helps you spread your message, but also shows people that your company cares enough to accommodate their needs. The loyalty fostered from such acts is not the type to go away easily.

Companies that focus on accessibility can expect quite a bit more support than usual, as accessible businesses tend to grow quickly in popularity and online reputation. It also helps that there are a variety of tech solutions for most problems regarding accessibility. Whether it has to do with marketing strategies, video content, or more, consider making accessibility a priority.

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Bernadine Racoma is the Content Manager of eTranslation Services. Her long experience in an international development institution and extensive travels have provided her a wealth of knowledge and insights into cultural diversity. She writes to inform, engage, and share the idea of the Internet being a useful platform for communicating, knowledge sharing, educating, and entertaining. You can find Bernadine Racoma at Google Plus, on Facebook and Twitter.


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