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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Job Searching? Here are the Top Resume Templates to Choose From

December 8, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Michael Clark

Your resume can mean a difference between you getting a job in one of the top companies or getting rejected by every employer. It may sound a bit harsh, but that’s the sad reality. How you craft your resume plays an important role in deciding whether or not you make a perfect fit for the job in question. You may be the most talented and experienced candidate of all applicants, but you can’t land a job with a poorly-crafted resume. Employers believe in what they see. If you want the job, you need to get your resume right with the help of the right resume templates.

A resume doesn’t have to be in chronological order, although that’s an ideal resume format. You can try a few other templates and pick the one that fits your needs and the job description. Remember that the goal is to present a well-written and well-designed resume that grabs your employer’s attention the moment they take a look at your work. So, here are the best resume templates you can try in 2021.


This one has an impeccable layout. If you are looking for a stylish resume that presents your skills and qualifications flawlessly, Sydney is your best bet. It is one of the most popular resume formats, suitable for people working in accounting, business, medicine, law, and other areas that need a strong academic background.

Sydney resume template is different from traditional and old-style resumes. It has a neat layout with an excellent formatting style. Use this resume to boost your chances of getting noticed. Your employer is highly likely to go over your resume and read every detail. Thanks to the clear, stylish, and unique format.


The second on our list is Chicago. It is yet another elegant and simple resume format that can display your qualifications, experience, contact information, and other details in a simple format. Chicago resume template works for everyone – whether you are a part-time worker looking for a full-time job in an IT company or a fresher with little to no experience, the Chicago resume template will work for you.

Your links, contact information, and references are mentioned in a separate column on the left side of the resume. Other details are written in the usual order, starting with about me, experience, skills, qualifications, and so on.


Riga is known for its vibrant design. It’s outstanding! The modern layout with a decent formatting style makes it one of the best resume templates for creative people. If you want to leave a strong impact on the recruiter, this resume template will make an excellent choice. Riga has a unique style that makes your resume stand out from the piles of resumes.

This resume template is highly recommended for those applying for a job in a creative industry where innovation and creative ideas are valued the most. Let your employer know how you can be creative with your skills and bring innovation to their business. A simple resume template can go a long way in getting you a job in your dream company. It’s a go-to resume template for people working in graphic designing, web designing, interior designing, architecture, and other similar industries.


Plain text resumes no longer work. If you want to land your dream job, you need to get creative with your resume. The design of your resume’s template matters as much as the content. The easiest way to ensure that your application gets noticed is by choosing the Budapest resume template. This template is perfect for those with a strong work history and solid experience. The format allows you to list all the companies you have worked for in chronological order. There is also sufficient space to mention your academic performances, skills, achievements, and other elements without making the resume look lengthy or boring.

Most employers skim through the resumes. They don’t even take a look at the experience or skill section if they are not impressed by the design. With the Budapest resume template, you can rest easy knowing that the format will not cause any problem. In fact, the layout is so stylish and neat that the recruiter is highly likely to read everything.


Rotterdam is perfect for people in the media, creative design, fashion, and marketing industries. The resume template is spacious. The design and formatting of the resume are very impressive, thus making it stand out from the rest of the plain resumes. Rotterdam has a sleek and modern design that makes it pretty attractive.

There is no doubt that a well-designed and attractive resume can catch the attention of the recruiters, even before they check your work. This first impression is really important when you are applying in a competitive industry. Rotterdam template looks unique when it is placed with the old-style resumes, so there is no way the recruiter is not going to notice your profile and go over the details when you have clearly put effort into the design. Recruiters want to know how creative you can get. And, the Rotterdam resume template is the best way to show them your creative side.


These were only to name a few. You have the choice to decide the template for your resume based on your preference, expertise, and the type of job you are looking for. It is always a good idea to try new templates. It will make your application better!



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