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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Link Building for SEO: The Beginner’s Guide (2021)

August 31, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Aleks Souschuk 


Links are essential for boosting your company online and building its positive reputation. Link building is not an easy process, and it requires a special approach. There are many different stages and tactics to building your own link network and making it beneficial for business. With this comprehensive guide for beginner SEOs, you will have everything you need to start efficient link building.

The Easiest Way of Building Backlinks

There is a method of link building that does not require much effort from website owners. Guest posting is a paid service that will help you with creating unique and useful articles as well as posting them on reliable websites all across the net. This solution requires minimum prior knowledge of SEO as specialists here will guide you through all the stages of a guest-blogging process. This solution is suitable for all kinds of businesses as blog articles can be customized easily to fit your theme.

Basic Knowledge of Link Building

Link building is a procedure of accumulating backlinks to your company website on other web portals. Having links posted on other sites creates a link network that allows other web page visitors to see your site.

Building links is crucial for online promotion because of search engine optimization. Google, as well as other search engines, ranks websites automatically based on the set of special criteria. One of the most important criteria is the number of good-quality dofollow links that lead to the site. Good rating in search engines means a higher position in searches and more exposure.

However, building numerous links will not necessarily make your website successful. Other things like quality content, keywords, and appropriate ads also have a huge impact on how high your web page will be ranked in Google.

How to Create Backlinks

There are many various approaches to backlink building, and we will cover some of the most popular ones. All of these methods have their pros and cons; so, it is important to choose ones that will benefit your specific website the most. Link building methods include:

– Adding links. Posting backlinks to your site on other online platforms manually. This usually means leaving comments with a link, making posts on forums and blogs, creating social media pages, etc.

– Asking to post links. Asking other website or blog owners to post links to your site within their content. This also means that you will have to do something in return, such as posting links to their sites as well or offering another promotion.

– Earning backlinks. This is a passive method that requires producing content or selling such high-quality goods and services that other websites and bloggers will link back to you willingly.

– Purchasing links. There are services that will sell links. They are usually dealing with low-quality backlinks, which means it is not recommended to use them if you want a good rep.

– Saving links. Some links might eventually disappear in case the website hosting them stops working or some exact page gets deleted. If you keep an eye on your links, it is possible to contact the website owners and ask them to put the link back.

Signs of a High-quality Link

All links displayed on the web are either high-quality or low-quality. Of course, you need to have high-quality backlinks to expand your business, attract new loyal clients, and improve your reputation. The first sign of a good link is finding it on a reliable and popular website. In case a web platform has many visitors, good-quality content or products, and an impeccable reputation, the link will be of good quality. Legit customers from that website will click the link and visit your web page as well.

Another important requirement is posting your links on websites with a similar theme as yours. For example, if you are selling furniture, you will need to post your backlinks on news portals, furniture sites, interior design blogs, etc. This ensures that you will receive mostly those new visitors interested in your products.

Link placement is something worth mentioning as well as it will influence its performance greatly. Each web page consists of multiple elements, from the content to sidebars and tables. Placing the link within the main content will result in considerably more clicks.

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