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Remote Career Opportunities For A Junior Front-End Developer

October 6, 2022 No Comments

Article by Sanjit Sarker

Source: Pexels

Due to the human need for helpful anything to be attractive, front-end developers are equally as necessary as their back-end counterparts. In a world where people spend more time online than offline, the need for front-end developers keeps increasing.

Front-end developers are people who design and create the visual outlook of a website. They work hard to give a pleasing look to the website and ensure that it is appropriately structured. Being a front-end developer is lucrative, and a job is always available. Although front-end developers work in-house for organizations, most front-end developers are remote workers. And they can get their jobs right there online. For instance, you can find a lot of junior front-end developer remote jobs at Jooble without leaving your comfort zone.

To this end, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on some career opportunities to explore as a junior front-end developer.

Companies That Hire Remote Front-End Developers

Different companies hire front-end developers. Some of these companies hire front-end developers to use for their businesses. However, some companies serve as a bridge between developers and consumer companies. They majorly provide web development services and therefore have front-end developers who they, in turn, connect with their clients. We will be examining some of these companies below:


One of the companies where you can be hired as a stay-at-home front-end developer is Docusign. DocuSign is an American tech company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is an electronic signature and business management firm. DocuSign was founded in 2003 and currently has over 1 million clients. 

Coalition Technology 

Coalition Technology is a top Web design and SEO company in the US. Joel Gross founded it in 2009. The company specializes in digital marketing, web design, and PPC technology. It has grown with over $44.4M in revenue and more than 250 employees. You can join the pool of their employees as they hire front-end developers from all over the world. 

IceCube Digital

IceCube Digital is a leading Web design and development company with over ten years of experience. IceCube Digital caters to different industries, including jewelry, automobiles, sports, medical and healthcare, furniture, real estate, food, travel, tourism, etc. 

IceCube Digital is invested in making its customers happy without compromising its team, which makes them an excellent company to work for. They hire front-end developers to help deliver their services to their clients. These services include mobile app development, e-commerce website development, WordPress development, website maintenance, etc. 


INGIC is a top mobile app design and development company that caters to businesses. They develop apps, create e-commerce websites, and develop custom software. INGIC is a fast-growing company that caters to over 1500 customers in more than 29 countries. Due to the nature of their business and high demand, they hire front-end developers worldwide. 

Indianic Infotech Ltd

Indianic Infotech is a top web and mobile app development company that has been around since 1998. With long years of history, they have catered to many clients and currently employ hundreds of workers. Indianic Infotech Ltd now has more than 400 developers in its employ. The company generates over $161M annually and pays its workers well. 

Their services include Web design and development, mobile app development, Automation, API & Backend, and UI/UX design, to mention but a few. Suppose you want to work with a company with a long history of success. In that case, Indianic Infotech Ltd should be high on your consideration. 


Inniofied is a top web and app development company founded in 2012. Ever since its establishment, it has grown radically and has catered to a lot of businesses. It caters to e-commerce, logistics, transport, salon and spa, and food delivery services. Also, Innofied creates apps and websites for them and has delivered so well. The company was recognized in 2018 as a top mobile app developer 2018 by Clutch. 

Kostant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolution is a leading front-end development company. It was established in 2003 and has completed over 3500 jobs for more than 200 clients. They specialize in web development, mobile development, software maintenance, app prototypes, consulting, UI/UX design, etc. Konstant Infosolutions deal with many industries, including businesses, educational institutions, customer products and services, arts, and entertainment. is another company where front-end developers of any level can get a job. It is a software company that solves problems and helps companies create positive differences in their businesses. was founded in 2015 and has grown over time. They majorly help businesses craft interfaces for software. They also design outlooks for web and mobile applications, and websites, among others. 

How To Become a Front-Developer

Now that you know companies you can work with as remote front-end developer, you must learn the steps required to make yourself employable. Below are some things you should do to become a good front-end developer. 

Do a Thorough Research

When starting as a front-end developer, you should research and learn everything about the industry. Learn about the job, the pay, where it is needed, what you need to put in place to do it successfully, and the requirements. 

Learn the Necessities 

The next thing is to learn the necessary tools and applications. Take courses online or from experienced front-end developers. You can guide yourself through prepared course materials and YouTube videos. 


Learning and practicing should go hand in hand if you want to be excellent at your work. Immediately, you start learning about the tools and practicing with them to improve.

Take a Course

Even though you can easily learn front-end development online, taking a course will help you more. You can get comprehensive knowledge from taking a class. Also, you can get certified by taking a course. Certificates will help you get jobs faster and easier. 


Proven experience helps in getting a good job and negotiating great pay. To set yourself up for a smooth career, you should think of offering your services for free a start. You can intern in a startup or company that gives you a chance. 


Front-end development is one of the most sought-after jobs in web development. Front-end developers can work both remotely and in-house. However, people’s desire for remote jobs has increased as it is less stressful and allows them to be themselves while working. This article has explored eight companies you can get a remote job as a front-end developer. We also provided the steps you can follow to get those jobs. 

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