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Tackling The Modern Enterprise Auth Challenge

August 2, 2022 No Comments

By Peter Kelley

Veridium and TAG Cyber unpack three of the major adoption drivers for enterprise adoption of trusted digital identities in the new report “Addressing the Modern Enterprise Authentication Challenge,”and offer guidance to overcome them.

TAG Cyber CEO and Founder, Dr. Edward Amoroso, said: “The business forces driving decisions about modern authentication must balance the recommendations of those groups charged with security, compliance and corporate brand reputation with the recommendations of sales and marketing-oriented teams such as digital experience managers, eCommerce operators, and IT service designers.”

The report identifies three of the top reasons that companies are moving to modern authentication and trusted digital identities:

1. Security:  59% of organizations had experienced a phishing attack in the last year. Moreover, the speed with which identity-exploiting threats now emerge and morph makes them progressively tougher to detect and mitigate.

2. Usability: ease-of-use often determines the success of eCommerce applications and other digital experiences, and any undue friction leads to failure

3. Accessibility: measures the availability, usability and simplicity associated with the password, cryptographic certificate, token, or other means that establishes and proves a reported identity.

Securing the Success of Modern Authentication Adoption Initiatives

To reduce the overall friction associated with whatever strong validation controls are selected, TAG Cyber recommends:

– Early Design Cooperation – early input and participation from cross organizational team members to drive adoption

– Flexible Solutions – ensuring that the authentication control can be adjusted, tailored, and modified based on reported experiences to fine tune and optimize the user experience, and reduce the potential for friction between security and experience designers.

– Reliance on Metrics – accurate metrics from live production deployment

Veridium Chief Product and Operating Officer, Baber Amin, said: “Over the last several years and in particular, over the last two years, trusted digital identities have increasingly become the key, both to hyperconnected exchanges such as eCommerce, loyalty and customer service applications, and for the day to day, line of business exchanges among employees within an enterprise.”

The report is in follow up to the recent TAG Cyber report ‘What Keeps a CISO Up at Night’ [in 2022]. Veridium experts can quickly address questions.

To register for the Webinar “Addressing the Modern Enterprise Authentication Challenge” which will be held at 1:30 pm ET on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 with Veridium and Dr. Edward Amoroso of TAG Cyber, visit:


Figure 1:  Forces Affecting Authentication Friction

Source: TAG Cyber






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