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The Benefits of A Distributed Workforce: How Remote Working Has Changed The Game

July 26, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author

The rise of portable pieces of computer technology (laptops, tablets, smartphone, etc.), has brought about a rise in what is known as the distributed workforce. Today, employees and colleagues don’t necessarily spend their working hours huddled up together in a traditional office space. They work all over the place. At home, in the library, at their nearest Starbucks — wherever the workforce can get a good internet connection, they work.

Less bills

How has this impacted the world of business? For one, it allows business owners the chance to employ people from all over the world, meaning they can tap into a real range of skillsets and expertise. It also grants business owners the chance to cut down on their office utility bills — they don’t have to spend as much on gas and electric when they have hardly anybody operating from within the confines of their singular workspace.

Automation tools

Remote working has meant that workers need to find faster, better ways to communicate with eachother. Such automation tools to simplify tasks and automation have emerged and have become bread and butter for the many businesses which operate a remote working policy.

Better communication

The patented communication solution that boomerang messaging offers, for instance, helps to automate communication flows between business systems and their stakeholders. As a result, operating costs are reduced, customer experience is enriched, and process efficiency is optimized.

Better employee retention

Naturally, more and more people are looking for a company culture and benefits to a contract that may keep them in that position for longer. This may include flexible working hours to assist with childcare or other commitments. Similarly, with no commute time, employees can be more rested, focused and productive when working from home.

Further reach for pool of applicants

If you allow the option to work from home you will naturally increase the reach of your company and the potential pool of applicants. If you have a skilled individual who is perfect for the role, but cannot commute the distance, remote working will allow you to keep this employee on board, with minimal costs.

Savings for the company

Remote working can potentially ensure massive savings for your company. If all of your workers are remote, then you will not need to pay office rent, or have outgoings for building costs, hardware, or parking, for example. Such savings will mean you can spend the saved money on improving business processes, or better technology.

Improved company morale

Of course one of the most vital points for a successful business is happy employees. If employees are happy, then they will be more diligent, loyal and committed to doing a good job. That is all a company could hope for, so by listening to employees and giving them what they want, you will be helping your company in the long run too.

There are many benefits of a distributed workforce. With saved costs, better employee retention and a more productive team, you may want to consider remote working for your own company sooner rather than later.


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