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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Top 5 Enterprise Technology Trends in 2021

May 25, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Amanda Taylor, Independent Technology Author


COVID-19 shook the world in a swift blow. People realized how it might take only a tiny virus to change everything in the blink of an eye. Business models collapsed within weeks after this virus spread across the globe. The one thing that the year 2020 taught all of us is to be prepared for unforeseen events.

While some of the industries thrived, small enterprises jiggled badly last year as many of the merchants didn’t take technology seriously. To get back up in the market, they must rely on enterprise technology trends that are going to revolutionize the economic world.

If you are wondering which technology you should look up to establish your business and stabilize it, here are the top trending enterprise technologies in 2021.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service is a part of cloud computing technology and is often referred to as web-based software or rentware. Unlike traditional programs that need to be downloaded and installed on a device, SaaS software is rented from a centralized host in the cloud.

SaaS is a licensing and distribution model that allows users to use the software through a licensed subscription. This software can only be accessed via the internet.

The demand for SaaS has been increasing among small businesses and enterprises because it is budget-friendly and easy to maintain. Web-based programs require less space on the devices, are updated automatically by the providers, and are secure.

Small and medium businesses can leverage SaaS tools to manage their business functions without digging holes in their budgets. The technology will provide greater connectivity to the manufacturer, allowing them to access staff data anytime on their device.

Cloud providers have facilitated resilient techniques to offer higher security to safeguard businesses from threats. Thus, this tech trend seems to be more prevalent in 2021 and will continue to be so.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology trend that is achieved by stimulating human intelligence in machines. One of the prominent tech trends is continuing to remodel the enterprise world with ever-evolving Enterprise Resource Planning technology.

Integration of AI is making CRMs and ERPs more intelligent and responsive, enhancing every aspect of their performance. From customer experience to client servicing, enterprises are automating most of their functions with machine learning algorithms and AI.

AI can also refine business operations with machine learning and automation technologies. This allows the end-user to save time from mundane manual tasks and focus on more valuable activities such as decision-making.

This trend will see a rise in 2021 and beyond, with growing needs for digitization and automation due to COVID-19. Customers already prefer brands that are customer-centric and responsive.

Virtual Selling

E-commerce technology has already taken the world by storm for retailers. Now, virtual selling is not a tool for large enterprises only. With the increase in online shopping fad, every seller is investing in e-commerce platforms.

Online retailing has become the heart of shopping marketplaces. This digital trend envisages an upsurge in coming years until almost every enterprise would have marked its presence online. Students also have access to online services like write my essay, where they can buy essays and papers for completing their assignments during tough times.

Some e-marketplaces are providing platforms for sellers who don’t want to spend on their individual websites. These virtual shopping centers are incorporating the latest tools and technologies to improve the end-to-end selling process.

Old-school B2B companies that don’t evolve to compete in this new environment will lose market share and profits. In contrast, their more agile competitors use AI to create new consumer touchpoints and generate fresh demand for products and services.

Hence, virtual selling is certainly an enterprise tech trend that eventually every seller will have to follow.

Online Payments

“Contactless” everything is already prevailing in the current scenario, giving rise to online modes of payments. There are many platforms providing services for online transactions.

The sellers and enterprises that were dependent upon cash or card payments are also going to accept other modes. This ever-revolutionary payment system comes with its own sets of risks, including fraud or security breach.

The inclusion of technologies for fraud prevention and enhanced security is making such online payment apps more preferable. Technologies like encryption, SSL, S-HTTP, Secure Electronic Transaction, and two-step verification are being introduced for better protection.

From international transactions to local payments, technologies for online payments are seeing a surge and will continue to grow due to shifting consumer preferences.


When everything’s on the web, your data and private information become more vulnerable. Hackers out there have been the concern for all sectors and industries. Enterprise technology applies wide IT solutions that make cybersecurity a more crucial and difficult task for professionals.

But the need for this technology is top-priority, and thus, the use of more prominent solutions is implemented. The old-age firewalls and security measures won’t be enough. With cutting-edge frameworks and cybersecurity best techniques, you can safeguard your data.

It also ensures immunity from risks that come with enterprise technology, i.e., employee databases leak, hackers, ransomware, data breach, and other data disasters.


The year 2020 has brought too many changes and challenges in the way businesses run. If you want to succeed and sail through this storm of uncertainty, it would be best for you to open doors for technological changes. The above tech trends are going to expand to all dimensions.

If you are reluctant to adapt to the change, you may be creating a wall between you and your growth. But if you want to know where to start, there are plenty of service providers to help you in this endeavor.

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