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Top 5 Tech Trends That Will Transform the Mobile App Industry In 2022

February 9, 2022 No Comments

Featured article George Reece


With the ever-increasing digitization in the global market, one thing that hasn’t changed for quite some time is the emergence of mobile apps. People today have mobile apps for every need, whether it’s ordering food, reading a book, or even booking a doctor’s consultation. In fact, Statista predicts that by 2013, the mobile app industry will register a whopping $935.2 billion in revenue.

Hence, it is certain that the latest trends in mobile app development contribute a lot in making the industry profitable and advanced. But what will be the future of mobile app development?

Will current trends in the mobile app industry continue to transform the app development industry, or will some new mobile app development trends replace existing ones for more growth? Let’s find the answers to all these questions in our blog!

What are the new trends in mobile app development?

Here are the five latest mobile app development trends that are all set to revolutionize the app development industry in 2022.

1. The emergence of conversational chatbots

The first trend in the mobile application sector is the conversational chatbot. No, you may have all heard of chatbots, a robust artificial intelligence application that automates customer service operations. Chatbots automatically respond to your users’ queries via mail or messenger with smart AI algorithms. However, they still lacked the human touch needed to make customer services fully automated and human-independent. This is where chatbots come to play!

A custom conversational AI solution understands and mimics human behavior in the most effective way. This means that users could get more convenient and personalized answers to their questions without any human supervision. Additionally, the use of machine learning algorithms also makes it more reliable and efficient with every use.

Due to these amazing capabilities, chatbots have become a successful trend in mobile app development today.

2. Low/No-Code Application Development

Another most notable and trusted trend in mobile app development is low-code/no-code app development. Yes, you read that right!

With the advancement of the technological era, the application development market has grown tremendously. However, the need to write hundreds and thousands of lines of code is a thing of the past. Today, people are using lots of advanced high-end user interfaces and graphical configurations to develop a smooth and feature-rich mobile application instead of writing huge codes.

This mobile app industry trend has transformed much of the app development industry. From rapid prototyping to the development sector and even testing. Not only has that, but the cost of app development also been reduced due to low developer involvement.

Therefore, with rapid development, cost reduction and scalable capabilities, low-code/no-code app development has become a global trend in mobile app development.

3. Applications for portable devices

The portable application development industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. According to reliable sources, nearly 24% of adults in the United States alone have access to some of the other types of portable devices in their daily lives which they usually buy from best wholesale site online. Therefore, the growth of wearable apps is certain in 2022.

With devices like smart watches, health monitoring systems, fitness bands, trackers, and other mobile phone accessories the market for wearable app development has grown exponentially. Although the growth is still stable, the coming years will see a great use of portable applications. The launch of Watch OS 6 has already launched wearable apps and in the coming years, we will definitely witness it as the most profitable trend in mobile app development.

4. Mobile wallets

The role of mobile apps in the fintech industry cannot be denied today, especially after the huge success of mobile wallets. The growth of digital banking and the escalation of the pandemic situation has rapidly facilitated the growth of mobile wallets over the past few months.

As the security of our money is necessary same in this way protection of mobile phone is also important so many mobile cases are available in markets of different brand like galaxy a20 cardholder cases bulk you can buy it for the long life of your mobile phone.

Today, people no longer have to wait in long queues at banks or ATMs to meet their payment needs. One click on their mobile wallets is enough to perform operations like money transfers, mobile payments, NEFT, etc. Moreover, these mobile wallets even offer amazing discounts and reward points to their users, thus increasing their customer base.

Some of the major mobile wallet apps today are PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, Amazon Pay, etc.

5. 5G technology

Finally, 5G is our most promising trend in mobile app development. The rollout of new 5G smart phones by major mobile companies, including Samsung, has started a new boom in 5G technology. That is why, according to reliable sources, the 5G Smartphone will see a rapid increase of around 1478.7 million by 2024.

It just means better speed, improved loading, increased network connectivity and traffic capacity will be a common factor for the future mobile applications. Apart from that, fast testing and seamless addition of features without a compromise in the app’s quality will also become common after adopting 5G technology.

Who knows we would see many other mobile applications based on 5G technology in the coming future?

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