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Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Android Notifications Better

July 5, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Evelyn Balyton, Independent Technology Author

Notifications keep you up-to-date, whether it’s the breaking news in your town or your friend uploading a new post on Instagram. But the constant beeps can hinder your productivity. And we all know what happens when we check the notification! It’s a rabbit hole, and there’s no going back.

Sure, you can go ‘Do Not Disturb,’ but it may not be the best thing every time. Sometimes, you need to keep your notifications turned on.

So how do you manage your android notifications better? How to keep only the important notifications turned on? Don’t worry! Our expert Evelyn Balyton will help you know experience the best of your Android phone. Play your favourite games or online casino Philippines Paypal easily with a phone that doesn’t disturb you.

We’ve listed out the top 5 tricks and tips to control your notifications so that from next time, you don’t end up looking at your phone every second.


5 Ways to Control Your Notifications Better

Imagine losing a game or getting a notification during that one scene in the movie. Awful right? Notifications can be annoying when you’re doing your favourite things online. To avoid that, here are the five different ways to stop it.

1. Turn Off Unimportant Pop-ups

Every app you use have a notification setting of their own. For example, if you’re getting too many WhatsApp texts from your friend’s group, you can mute the group for a day or a whole year!

You also have the option to mute individuals on WhatsApp, which is great. If you’re on Twitter, you can choose to get notifications only from your favorite profiles while muting the rest. The same goes for Instagram. You need to go to the notification settings of Instagram or even go to each chatbox. If you don’t want a pop-up every time, someone drops you a DM.


2. Keep Different Tones 

Another best option to manage notifications is to change your notification sound to different tones for each app. For example, you can have a low tone beep for Instagram and a high tone for your WhatsApp. Based on your preference, you can change the tones with ease. You no longer have to keep it on “silent” or “DND” mode.

Having different tones can let you ignore the unimportant ones. It’s one of the best ways to manage your time and focus on your work rather than mindlessly opening and scrolling your phone every minute.

3. Hide your App Notifications 

You may be working on your phone, and the unending notifications popping on your screen can steer you towards opening them. Before you know it, you’re already scrolling and switching between the social media apps. And it’s a loop.

Your screen time may sometimes exceed 6 hours which is definitely not good for your eyes. To avoid all of it, hide your notifications from the notification panel by going to your phone’s notification settings. It’s a simple yet effective method to manage your time better. You no longer will get a beep or pop up on your screen until you open the app.

4. Snooze Important Notifications

Did you know that you could snooze your notifications? Yes, it’s possible, and it’s simple. Suppose you want to read important notifications later in the day, slide or long-press the notification, and choose the clock icon.

You can then set a time for it to remind you again. It’s easy and avoids distractions when you’re reading other notifications. You can also put your phone on airplane mode if you have something super important to work on and want zero distractions, but in case of emergency, if your phone is unreachable, it may be a problem. Trying other alternatives can be better.

5. Make Use of the Digital Wellbeing App

Digital wellbeing is an app designed just to manage your notifications and your overall digital usage. This app though not available on all android devices; if you have it, you get tons of features to block your notifications.

You can know your screen time hours, the number of pop-ups received, the frequency of opening your notifications, and many more. You get every detail of your android usage. To keep your notification open rate low, go to “number of notifications” and block the apps that send you the most alerts every day. This way, you can keep your digital usage on track.

Concluding Thoughts

Notifications can be a headache if not managed properly. It’s important to cut down your screen time to focus better. And you can do so only if you know how to control your notifications better. Apps push alerts to get to use them more, but it’s up to you to manage your time well. Try out one or all of these five ways and see what works the best for you.



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