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Where to Find Product Development Specialists in Your Area

July 19, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Jonathan Liebenberg

Have you ever wondered what the role of a product specialist is? The answer is quite simple. Product development specialists often work in various fields, including information technologies, marketing, and business. Product development specialists ensure that the products developed by a company meet certain quality and safety standards.

The role of a product development specialist involves conducting research and analyzing data to make business plans. Product development specialists also help to devise strategies aimed at optimizing procedures while they also help to establish product development guidelines as needed.

Product Development Specialist Responsibilities

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities associated with the position of product development specialist.

– Creating and managing product lifecycle management software.
– Securing and managing relationships with local and international clients.
– Developing PowerPoint presentations for business development and internal management of meetings.
– Designing testing methods to ensure that the quality of products is maintained.
– Using SQL to create queries for testing and troubleshooting production.
– Providing services to customers who are seeking to purchase customized products.
– Maintaining accurate and updated BOM.

Product Development Technologies

There are various technologies that product development firms can use to increase product development efficiency, reduce costs and increase the speed of product development. Augmented reality enables firms to easily share information, while industrial IoT helps to lower service costs and provide more visibility for teams. Companies can also use PLM systems to reduce time to the market through the coordination of multi-system data.

Skills Necessary for Product Development Specialists

Besides product development and product management, there is a wide range of other skills needed for product development managers.

Detail Oriented 

Detail orientation is one of the essential skills necessary for product development specialists. You will understand that product development specialists need to be detail oriented because they need to review development samples while creating detailed reports to communicate to vendors. 

Communication Skills 

Product development specialists also need to have good communication skills. These strong communication skills enable product development specialists to gather information, analyze the data and create reports that help them to present the data to clients. Good communication skills also allow product development specialists to push other departments to align their quality development standards with those of the product development team. 

Analytical Skills 

Product development specialists also need good analytical skills since they need to handle and understand large amounts of data. Product development specialists can also utilize their analytical skills to execute and validate product samples.

How to Become a Product Development Specialist

Specialists understand how to use product development technologies to develop a product from a concept to the market.

If you are considering being a product development specialist, you should assume that education is vital. Almost three-quarters of product development officers have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, 10 percent of the existing product development specialists possess a master’s degree. However, even though most product development specialists have a university degree, there are chances that you can become one with only a high school degree.

Selecting the right major is essential to becoming a product development specialist. An internship position is also helpful to the role of a product development specialist since it allows individuals a certain level of experience. Career experience in administrative assistant and customer service representative positions is also necessary for product development specialists.

Even after becoming a product development specialist, there is the possibility of progressing further into your career and becoming a product manager, consultant, or project manager.

Where to Find Product Development Specialists

Product development specialists can work in a wide range of places. Most often, you will find them in retail settings. Product development specialists can also be found in manufacturing or other companies selling products directly to customers. Some product specialists may also choose to work independently or as part of a team that provides customers with information on their products.

Some sites offer open positions for product development specialists across the United States. Glassdoor offers product development specialist positions in Seattle. These job positions are listed alongside company savings and salaries. Zip recruiter also offers open job positions for product development specialists in Seattle, where job positions are listed alongside the salaries provided by different companies.

You can also find product development specialists by browsing through product design firms in your area. Upcity links you to the best product design firm Seattle. The site allows you to search for the top product development firms by location, industry expertise, and cost per project.

Some of the best product development specialists in San Francisco are found on Upwork. The site allows people with experience in product development technologies to create accounts with their qualifications and hourly rates. The best thing about hiring product development specialists on Upwork is that the platform makes it possible to receive proposals within 24 hours. Product development San Francisco specialists can also be found on Glassdoor.

Product Development Specialist Salary and Industry Outlook

Product development specialists’ salaries differ depending on various factors, including their level of education, years of experience, and the location and size of the company. Product development specialists may also earn additional income through bonuses and commissions allocated in the workplace.

The median annual salary of a product development specialist is $30.05/hr, which is equal to $62,500 annually. However, the top 10% earn an average of $49.04/ hr, equivalent to $102,000 annually.

The demand for product development specialists is expected to grow steadily over the next decade. Demand will increase due to the continued rise in eCommerce and online retailing. Product specialists will be needed to guide customers in finding the right products as online shopping increases.


Product development technologies are a vital part of the global market. Research is essential to business because it helps to collect information and analyze it for better use by organizations. The role of product development specialists involves testing products to determine their usability and then giving way to the promotion of new concepts and products.

The product development specialist is an essential part of a successful industry. With access to a world of information and resources, product developers are inventors in a world never seen before. However, they ensure that any form of innovation is examined correctly to understand how it would benefit a specific market.

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