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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Where to Offer 3D Modeling Outsourcing Services

August 23, 2023 No Comments

By Monica Dubois

3D modeling is applied to almost every area where it can be useful to deliver perspective on objects in three dimensions. Objects can be physically produced using 3D printing or shown as a 2D image once they have been modeled.

In this guide, we will have compiled a list of industries where 3D modeling outsourcing services can be offered.

  1. 1. Advertising and Marketing 

Virtual rendering – without incurring the exorbitant cost of developing brand-new, authentic products, prototypes, products, and packaging, can be tested by outsourcing 3D modeling services. Projects can be virtually altered if they are rejected. After the concept has been chosen, the rendering can move on to manufacturing.

  1. 2. The Aerospace and Aeronautics Industry

Prototyping and visualization: 3D modeling is quickly becoming a crucial tool for the aerospace and aviation industries when it comes to ordering 3D printing for prototyping and production. Outsourcing 3D modeling services aids in the delivery of mechanical designs that meet aviation safety and reliability requirements.

  1. 3. Architectural Industry

Outsourcing 3D modeling services can help achieve realistic interior and exterior renderings of residential and commercial properties, virtual walkthroughs, flythroughs, and 360-degree panoramic views. It also encourages the best possible communication between customers and engineers.

  1. 4. The Automotive Industry

Outsourced 3D modeling services assist in 3D car design and prototyping for automotive parts, engine redesigns, mechanical systems, electronic modifications, and interior components. Simulations also help with drag testing and measuring fuel economy.

  1. 5. For Building Contractors

Outsourced 3D modeling services can create an accurate Building Information Model (BIM). A BIM is a digital depiction of a structure or infrastructure made out of elements that can include product specifications and dimensions. The actions of objects correspond to one another. For instance, the door and the location of light switches will change in relation to the other objects when the placement of a window on a wall changes.

  1. 6. Consumer Goods Industry

3D modeling services enable product engineering, design, and visualization to create goods, thereby reducing the time and cost of new product development.

  1. 7. Fashion Design

From the most basic t-shirt to the most sophisticated suit, it can all be rendered in stunning 3D detail. Cutting plans, pattern design, and fit modeling are all made simpler by outsourcing 3D modeling services. 3D animation services can be extremely beneficial in this industry as well!

  1. 8. ECommerce/ Retailers

When considering a purchase, consumers inspect goods like clothing, appliances, or furniture from all sides, zoom in and out, or click or tap for more details. By outsourcing 3D modeling services, you can get a get optimum product design that will convert leads.

  1. 9. In Education 

By outsourcing 3D modeling services, staff members or students can train and learn to efficiently use virtual 3D training, simulators, and other teaching resources.

  1. 10. The Electronics Industry

Mechanical and electrical components have reduced in size to accommodate the ever-shrinking size of electronic devices. Examination of the smallest components of a printed circuit board’s integrated system can be made possible by outsourcing 3D modeling services.

  1. 11. Industrial Design 

By outsourcing 3D modeling services, designers use 3D software to conceptualize, convey, create a prototype and test the design intent and aesthetics. 3D software is used in the creation of a wide variety of items, including tablets, headphones, and scooters.

  1. 12. Entertainment Industry

By outsourcing 3D modeling services, filmmakers can incorporate 3D graphics into shots to enhance the texture and style of the scene, even in shows that don’t rely heavily on special effects.

  1. 13. Healthcare/Medical Industry

By outsourcing 3D modeling services, the healthcare industry can do accurate 3D imaging, scanning, modeling, and printing, improving patient lives in a variety of ways, including arch supports and prosthetics. Based on the examination of body systems and structures, medical imaging also makes it possible to provide patients with better answers to their health problems.

  1. 14. Geology and Science

Geologists and other scientists can see the impacts of stress and create prediction models by simulating earthquakes and landforms by outsourcing 3D earth modeling services.

  1. 15. Interior Design 

Interior designers can outsource 3D representations and animations to educate clients and ensure that purchases are in keeping with the overall design before they are made.

  1. 16. Marine

By outsourcing 3D modeling services, mariners can have an accurate review of a ship’s design and identify any flaws to prevent expensive errors.

  1. 17. Mechanical Engineering

Before the creation of power-producing or power-consuming equipment, mechanical engineers can test their theories using 3D models.

  1. 18. Packaged Food   

The accurate and quick manufacture of food shrink-wraps, cartons, cans, or glass containers is made possible by real-time 3D visualization throughout the design process, from concept to production.

  1. 19. Piping

Complex offshore structural systems that adhere to industry rules and standards can be created by outsourcing 3D modeling services. This helps ensure accuracy in designs that take into account factors like wind, current, seismic loads, and heat for operational safety and efficiency. 

  1. 20. Publishing

In textbooks and other illustrated publications, 3D modeling can be used to enhance photographic imagery. This technology is useful for rendering photos of difficult-to-access vegetation, wildlife, and terrain in a realistic manner.

  1. 21. Telecom

Engineers can outsource 3D modeling services to locate a damaged fiber optic link quickly and accurately within a cluster of wires. The time it takes to locate and address problems is reduced by troubleshooting with the help of realistic 3D modeling.


If a business wants to succeed in today’s retail market, it needs to provide its customers with a compelling 3D experience. They’re also aware that it’s not always simple to bring that expertise in-house. At that point, 3D modeling outsourcing can truly make a difference.

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