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Why are some athletes starting to learn IT?

March 28, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Anthony Munyua

If there is something that has remained constant in this life, it is change. It happens everywhere and to everybody and sometimes in a sphere that we least expect. Sports may have been resistant to change but when IT technology as some would call it came knocking, the sector could not resist. Some aspects had to move with time while others embraced it but at a rather slow pace. With IT, the world of sport has been continually changing. The use of technology is now seen as one of the areas that are making a great impact in the modern-day.

Talk of Virtual Assisted Referees; after a long time of resistance, leagues around the world have now accepted it as part of football, although resistance continues to be seen with many arguing that it loses the excitement of the game. What about individual athletes; the vibe has it that they are now faster and stronger, although we are not sure whether IT or technology as a whole played a role. In this article, we are exploring sports and IT as well as looking at the trend where some athletes are starting to learn it.

Kate Richardson, a renowned sports betting analyst says athletes have been forced to learn IT for several reasons. Some catch up with the moving times while for others its part of their sports life as failure to embrace it, may see them kicked out of their games. Kate, who reveals that she has been an athlete at one point in her life, says IT skills have been very significant in her sports betting analysis career.

She has depended on IT skills and tools to make predictions on different matches, review betting sites, and the features they are offering to punters in an attempt to provide a great experience. When Kate is not making sports betting predictions she is training in the field and IT components are a good company during these sessions. If you want to know more about her training and betting predictions check her profile here.

Nexus between sports and IT

You may now have seen the relationship between sports and IT. In the same length, you may be appreciating the fact that IT information technology in its long form has a significant role to play in an athlete’s life, both in and out of the field. For those who may be asking what does it stand for in technology, here is a brief explanation so that we can be on the same page as we try to understand why some athletes have started to learn IT.

IT is part of the larger technology sphere where we learn or use systems ranging from computers or telecommunications to store, retrieve and share information. With IT, we can create, process, store, retrieve, and share different types of electronic data and information. We use IT to solve problems. However, to get the benefits that are presented by IT, we need to learn how to use it in our careers and everyday life. For athletes, life can be much easier if they embrace IT in some aspects of their career.

Sports pundits observe that there are sports in IT and technologies are becoming important. Just as the consumers are increasingly reliant on smartphones and iPads in navigating daily life, so are the athletes as they aim to achieve new heights of excellence. Technology is enhancing the experience making a positive impact on many sports. With sports becoming a business or career for many athletes, IT technology is becoming an important component.


Coaches, as well as athletes, are today relying on innovative technologies to improve their performance, sometimes in incredible ways that casual fans may not be aware of. A keen observer will find that sports professionals are combining traditional training with the latest IT advancement to enhance their performance. Video analytics, the Three Dimension motion capture systems among others are helping professional athletes discover hidden opportunities for improvement. Likewise, sports IT engineers are creating great training resources using data. The specialists are developing IT capabilities that are effectively helping to meet the needs of athletes.

Improving performance

Athletes have discovered that regular routines of pushing their abilities to the limit may not be very effective in getting the desired performance. There are more productive ways and they involve IT. Today, athletes are monitoring and analyzing vital statistics such as dietary intake, heart rate, pulse among other performance variables. IT has been at the heart of this and given that an athlete is supposed to collect this data most of the time, learning IT or effective use of the component that assists in this exercise is crucial.

Getting information and opportunities

Social media as part of IT has become such an important tool for sharing information and finding opportunities. For athletes, especially the upcoming ones, it is a platform for learning and finding opportunities. A recent study found that seventy-two percent of budding athletes use social media to find potential institutions. The same study found that twenty percent of professional athletes are using social media for sports-related networking.

It is also interesting to learn that scouts have shifted from traditional methods where experience, gut feelings, and instincts were used in recruiting talent. Today, they will scan through the social media profiles of promising athletes as well as rely on other online tools to verify the information. It is out of this paradigm shift that you may be hearing stories of talents that would not have been discovered making it in big teams.

For any athlete, whether professional or amateur, learning IT is crucial. It is opening opportunities that one could not have imagined. Talk of:

– Networking with other professionals
– Getting a chance to be an influence in the business sphere
– Interacting with fans and colleagues
– Getting information and data that enhances your training and performance

The benefits are enormous and that is why some athletes are learning IT. They do not want to be left behind.


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