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Why Google Drive Alternatives are So Vital Today

December 8, 2022 No Comments

by Jonathan Liebenberg

Image credits: Unsplash

There is no doubt that for years Google Drive has been and is still a popular file storing and sharing tool. This free and easy-to-use application has many features, like free storage offering decent size space, a simpler user interface, and several sharing options, making it popular among businesses and individuals. 

However, despite having several attractive features, there are many drawbacks that are harming the reputation of the tool, thereby, many abandoning the tool. Here is a detailed discussion of why having Google Drive alternatives is so important today. Additionally, the article also lists a few Google Drive alternatives

The reasons that make choosing Google Drive alternatives important?

Despite Google Drive having great features, many individuals and businesses are seeking an alternative due to the following reasons:

Google Drive has poor security infrastructure

The one significant drawback of this application is that it has weak security. Remember, Google Drive can be used only when there is a Gmail account. What’s unfortunate about a Gmail account is it doesn’t come with sophisticated protection. There are chances of the account getting hacked or the login details getting into the hands of others. If this happens, a person who has access to the Gmail account can also access all the documents of the Drive.

To protect data from the hands of cybercriminals, opting for Google Drive alternatives is the best way forward.

Google Drive gives individuals limited control over shared documents

One of the best features of Google Drive is its capability of providing individuals and businesses with the option of viewing and editing their files. While this is a great option to have, once documents are shared, there are many privacy concerns.

For example, after giving editing permission to someone, the person can misuse and share the document with other individuals. Google Drive doesn’t provide any security measures from preventing others to share documents.

Google Drive can use a user’s data for their gains

Google has admitted to scanning and analyzing documents stored on Google Drive. The collected information is then used to create a user profile and Google then sends Google ads and search results. Apart from this, in special cases, Google can access documents when asked by law enforcement agencies.

Google Drive has more control over the documents than the user

When storing documents on the Drive, Google has a license to use the documents. This is stated in their privacy statement. Along with this, the privacy statement also specifies that “the owner agrees to share the document with third parties that work with Google.” This is a matter of concern.

With such drawbacks, it is best to opt for alternatives that are secure and offer excellent features. 

2 best Google Drive alternatives

Here are a couple of Google Drive alternatives that cater to security needs and also come with other amazing features.


The best alternative to Google Drive that’s considered by many is Dropbox. It works similarly to Google Drive but has many advanced features. This application is suited for both individuals and businesses.

Dropbox is a user-friendly application and performs the quicker upload of documents than many cloud storage systems, including Google Drive. In addition to this, it offers some of the best security measures for protecting documents.

It uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit which protects top information. It is used by many top agencies in the US. Apart from this, it uses two-factor authentication to protect data from getting into the hands of third parties.


NordLocker is also an easy-to-use application that allows files to be stored locally on a computer or on the cloud. It uses an advanced encryption tool that protects the data from theft or hacking.

Other than security, the app enables users to sync files on any computer. It also gives complete control to the users so that they can decide who can access the documents. Also, it offers a feature where users, when sharing a document link with someone, can revoke their viewing rights at any time. 

It also backs up all the data automatically. If the computer crashes, the user can retrieve the data on another laptop or computer by logging into the NordLocker account.


Google Drive has been dominating cloud storage services for years. It’s because of its free decent-sized storage space, editing, and sharing features. Despite having many advantages, there are several disadvantages as well, like privacy concerns, security vulnerabilities, and limited control over shared files. Such concerns certainly put users’ data at a risk. 

The best way forward is to look for alternatives. This article has put forth a few of them. Remember, while considering a Google Drive alternative, along with adequate security features, it is also important to consider storage space and compatibility.

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