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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Why Your Business Needs an Interactive Application

January 25, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Amanda Robinson, Independent Technology Author

yellow manInteractivity is the principle by which information exchange takes place between all elements of the system. Simply put, it is similar to simple communication when the further remark of the interlocutor depends on your answer and vice versa. This can be contrasted with classical lectures, where those present can only listen and are not given the right to ask questions. It’s not interactivity.

As far as applications are concerned, each of them is interactive in one way or another. The user interacts with it, receives information and builds his or her further interaction with the application based on it. But progress does not stand still. Now such a simple approach does not surprise anyone. Therefore, gamification, virtual and augmented reality and other features that take interactivity to a new level have entered the arena.

Today we will talk in more detail about the benefits of interactive applications for business. Moreover, we will learn why advanced companies offer mobile game development services not only for the entertainment industry, but also for other business purposes. LSo let’s figure it out.

Game Component in Interactive Application

It’s hard to imagine anything more interactive than a video game. It is the epitome of interactivity. All that happens in it and all that the players see is the results of their interaction with the game world. There is no better way to immerse people in the environment and fully capture their attention. Therefore, today many professors try to use VR games as a platform for teaching lessons. And this experience is very interesting.

But if a game is mostly fiction, then an application is an opportunity to do something in the real world. And this action will have consequences right here. The application offers the user interaction with the virtual part in order to get the result in reality.

The huge advantage is that now we see what we get. It can be some kind of product or service, and the application offers a large number of alternatives so that we can choose the most suitable one for us. Customization has been and remains the number one trend in all areas involving interaction with the client. And this is no exception.

The more options your application offers, the more visualizations you use, the higher your customer engagement will be.

Graphic Element

It’s all great, you say, but where do you start? Of course, from the art. Graphics are a kind of window through which customers can see your offer and partially evaluate it even before they use it.

How exactly you use art in your application depends on your business and its goals. The artistic direction is extremely flexible. You can get creative with visualization and come up with something that stands out. But perhaps your business is more about conservatism? Then more classic and understandable art patterns will do.

The most important thing is to make the art work for your purpose. Clients should already immediately understand what they will get from further interaction with your application. Guide them along it with an invisible hand and do not get bored for a second.

Technological Component

Nowadays it is difficult to complain about the small number of technical capabilities to achieve different business goals. We have already mentioned AR and VR. And this is just one example of what we can use to convey our message to the user.

The capabilities of smartphones have improved significantly over the past 10 years. They combine a bunch of other devices, and performance does not suffer from this. Geolocation, three-dimensional maps and objects, the ability to get an AR projection when pointing the camera at a QR code we have long ceased to be surprised at all these possibilities. But the main task of iOS and Android business games is not to surprise, but to show. Show so that customers feel the thing next to them or the service has already been implemented.

3D is the key to the most realistic interactivity. It is the three-dimensional image that proves to people the reality of what they can get. Therefore, you need to provide yourself with technologies that allow you to work with 3D. Modern possibilities for creating 3D characters and 3D environment art allow you to erase the boundaries between virtuality and reality. So you just need to start: there are no limits.

Wrapping Up

Today it is not enough just to create an application. Make it as interactive as possible so that customers immediately understand and see what they can get from you. You don’t just tell a story, you give people the opportunity to participate in it and influence the outcome. It can be called a kind of business game.

Your task is to make the best iOS business games and, of course, the best business games for Android in order to reach users of both platforms. Your best assistant will be three-dimensional content that perfectly copes with any visualization tasks. Take full advantage of the interactive benefits and create applications that perfectly resonate with the wishes and needs of your customers.

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