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4 Ways Mobile Apps are Helping the Health Industry

July 26, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Wayne Terrysson is a marketing manager at CouponoBox

mobile health final 300x286 4 Ways Mobile Apps are Helping the Health Industry

The era of digitization has brought some major changes in the world. Some things have become easier while others have become more complicated. Looking to the brighter side, it has played a vital role in many industries where work has become cost-effective. Since the inception of mobile devices, it has been really convenient to reach out to as many people as possible.

Every other business owns an app the does better marketing and helps the customers to find what they want easily. Just like any other industry, the health industry has also gained enough benefits from the impact of mobile phones and apps. Smartphones and health-related apps open a new door for doctors as well as patients. From the diagnosis of a disease to monitoring and communicating, every process can be seamless.

Some of the mobile apps are capable to transform the way healthcare industry works. With the revolutionary idea of engaging patients, these apps would bring a major change by spreading more awareness. Here are the five ways mobile apps are helping the health industry:

1. Better access to care

- In the advanced age, it is not mandatory for a patient and a doctor to be at the same place or the same location. There was a time when a patient, suffering from some illness, and leaving in a rural or remote area would need to travel to the nearest city. Just to visit a primary care specialist or physician, a patient would require to travel to the next megacity or a distance as far as a half of the world.

- A health insurance or papers might state that the visit must be in person but, it can be risky or unnecessary when it is about a frail older person. A healthcare app can help both, a doctor and a patient to decide when they can fix an appointment and what can be done as a part of virtual assistance.

2. Increases patients engagement

- Many facets of healthcare discourage the engagement of the patients. Things like long lines, lack of transparency of cost, complexity, long hours for waiting, and quality demotivate patients. Why would you need to wait for unnecessary hours at a physician’s clinic when you want some medical help? Apps are greatly helpful to eliminate this complicated procedure.

- So, when you use an app that keeps a record of medications, the task becomes a lot easier. It reminds you of how many pills you have taken and when you are supposed to have your next dose. It also knows when you run low on your medicines and notifies you to pick your prescription from the nearest medical store (yes, nearest medical store because the app knows your location).

3. Lessens the chances of Medicare fraud

- Most people are terrified of the cost explosion that is a widely known fact. The consequences of digital interaction have resulted in a visible reduction of fraud, saving millions per year. These digital apps have an impressive ability to track the details of people and their transactions. In future, these medical apps would connect claimed data with time and the time data with the digital health app to check on the frauds.

- Imagine you are going to a most preferred pharmacy location to get your medications. if you are paying by scanning your Medicare card or by credit/debit card, your app would immediately trace the transaction for a record. The unwanted and illegal activity can be identified instantly. An investigation can take place right away instead of after months when the money would not be in that criminal’s account.

4. Improves the Safety of Patients

- Keeping a check on your health and medications is a lot easier with digital mobile apps. It allows you to use the tool in order to manage your health. Most patients today leave a hospital with a bunch of papers and come home with a slight memory about what to do next. It is a truth that many of you hardly remember what steps should be taken next and what should not be.

- How about handing you all the information right into your app. You would not have to remember anything at all. The only thing you would need to do is, come home and check out your healthcare app. Here, you would find all the guidelines about the things you are supposed to do for speedy recovery. Moreover, the app itself would provide you notifications about urgent or upcoming tasks. It is a huge benefit for the patient’s safety.

Along with the methods given above, there is another plan for creating a business model for nurses, doctors, caretakers, pharmacists, and health professional. There can be created a network of all the professional with big call centers.

Patients would be able to call any time for any query or confusion related to their health issues. There has been a vast variety of health equipment and you can find the best deal on fitness gadgets if you look for them at online market. When it comes to your health, never compromise, just rake the right action.

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