6 Startup Trends in 2013: Bootstrapping, Marketing, B2B

December 17, 2012 No Comments

The economy remains rocky, and launching a new business idea takes some intestinal fortitude and willingness to take risks. But there probably has never been a better time to get out in the marketplace.

In the year ahead, there will be lots of opportunities to move forward with new innovations. Along these lines, Inc.’s Eric Markowitz recently compiled the predictions on where the deals will be for startups and new business lines, provided by leading venture capitalists and startup gurus:

1) A 10-million-user Web startup, bootstrapped with little funding. “The costs of starting a company are asymptotically approaching zero… You (technically) need little more than an Internet connection and some coding skills to start a consumer Web company.” Also, expect to see 16-year-old entrepreneurs receiving funding as well for their new ideas. -Patrick Chung, NEA

2) More companies will adopt the “freemium” model. The freemium model is particularly strong in the gaming sector, “but the interesting thing in 2012 has been the move into other industry verticals. For instance, wireless services.” -Pete Moran, DCM

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