A Good Question About Middleware and the Cloud

December 7, 2010 No Comments

Analyst Robin Bloor shares an unusual twist on the topic of cloud computing. He starts out with the contention that everything we consider “cloud” could be deployed in a traditional data center, which inevitably leads to the question: Is cloud computing really a necessity?

Thankfully he responded, and I hope he doesn’t mind me relating his response here.

So, what was his conclusion? Yes, it is a necessity, and he gives 10 reasons why including, surprisingly enough, that “IT got too integrated.”

Now, there, he surprised me. I sent Bloor, a partner with Hurwitz and Associates and founder of Bloor Research, a tweet asking for clarification on that one. I asked him if he meant enterprise IT.

“Well yes, enterprise IT,” he responded. “But I’m referring to the integration of networks and the explosion of nodes that are linked to.”

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