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Avoid Spam: A Simple Solution

August 27, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Amelie Blanche, Independent Technology Author

Spam can become a serious problem for each Internet user. Spammed email, comments, and fake accounts don’t let users enjoy their pastime online as well as complicate the life of websites’ owners. Being unusable to solve such a problem on their own, millions of users throughout the world install special Anti-spam programs which help them easily get rid of spam forever.

glass computer 300x224 Avoid Spam: A Simple SolutionReasons To Start Using Anti-Spam Service

Nowadays, you become able to find out whether one or another IP address is blacklisted using special spam IP checker which makes it possible for you to safeguard yourself online. It may be hard to detect whether a message is sent by spambot or a real person, that’s exactly when spam IP checker becomes a catch for you. The benefits of such service are:

- reliable and accurate algorithm against spam bots which makes it possible for you to save time and sources;

- a possibility for visitors to easily and quickly create an account, maintain conversations and leave comments;

- comments, feedback, registration, contacts protection, it’s not necessary to install additional plugins for each form;

- user-friendly interface and mobile-optimized website;

- real-time open statistics for all received comments, so you can always be aware of everything happening on your site;

- round-the-clock customer support, you are able to contact the support team at all times of day and night and easily solve all the possible problems.

SPAM 300x155 Avoid Spam: A Simple Solution6 Tips On How To Avoid Spam

Every user has ever received spammed email or seen spammed comments as well as stumbled across annoying ads which always contain harmful content. Millions of users want to safeguard themselves and their business online, so more and more of them try to avoid spam and start using diverse Anti-spam programs.

So how can you avoid spam when surfing the web? What tips will help you feel safe and free online?

1. First of all, choose trustworthy and proven software when creating your site. Give preference to the one which will make it possible for you to keep your website safe as well as install special programs which will help you avoid being hacked.

2. Always block suspicious websites you don’t consider to be safe – you can check whether one or another site is blacklisted and ban it if necessary.

3. You can also check the most active users who leave the most comments within a short period of time, especially if these users have signed up on your website not so long ago.

4. One of the simplest ways to avoid spam is to disable comments – it will make you feel much safer.

5. Don’t let anonymous users leave comments as well as moderate comments left by new users.

6. Create a list of stopwords, such a way you won’t receive spammed comments.

Obviously, you may just disable comments in order to save your time and stop searching for spammed comments written by bots. However, it’s not always the best thing you can do since you won’t receive feedback from the visitors and make the website less appealing for them.



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