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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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Accelerating Backup Performance and Efficiency Still Top Priorities for Large Enterprise Data Centers

February 13, 2014 No Comments

SOURCE: Sepaton, Inc.

MARLBOROUGH, MA – February 12, 2014 - Sepaton, Inc., maker of the world’s fastest and most scalable data protection solutions for large enterprises, today announced the results of the fifth annual Sepaton Data Protection Index, an annual survey of large enterprises in North America and Europe with at least 1,000 employees and at least 50 terabytes of primary data to protect. The survey elicited responses from more than 200 IT professionals across a wide range of vertical industries to define and quantify current data protection trends and challenges for enterprise data centers.

Specific areas covered by the survey, included data protection technologies currently in use; key data protection challenges facing enterprises; and data protection priorities for 2014.

The following are key findings based on the survey results:

- Explosive data growth. Nearly half (43 percent) reported data growth of more than 15 percent annually, including nine percent who characterized their data growth as “explosive” with growth of 25 percent or more annually.

- Massive data volumes. More than 52 percent of respondents have full backup volumes of more than 100 TB, including 27 percent with full backups between 500 TB and 1 PB.

- More complexity. Most enterprises (27 percent) are using a mix of tape and virtual tape but many are also using a wide range of other technologies (snapshots, cloud, etc.). Companies are also using a wide range of protocols to backup data. Just five percent are using Fibre Channel (FC) only.

- Inadequate data protection. Nearly half of respondents (46 percent) did not feel that their backup environment was meeting their needs. Fifty five percent are not encrypting their data at rest and more than a fifth of respondents (21 percent) are not providing disaster protection for their data.

- Focus on accelerating performance and efficiency. Data protection priorities for 2014 are focused on addressing the challenges caused by explo­sive data growth. Specifically, on increasing backup performance, implementing data tiering, and controlling data center sprawl.

“As the survey report reveals, enterprises are focused on ways to mitigate the results of unprecedented data growth: higher performance systems to meet backup windows, reducing data center sprawl, managing costs and IT complexity by consolidating multiple backup targets, and reducing backup volumes through data tiering,” said Peter Quirk, director, product management, Sepaton, Inc. “Enterprises are looking for more efficient deduplication of databases and semi-structured data; fast, hardware-based encryption; and systems that provide performance and scalability to maintain service levels and meet regulatory requirements.”

For more details, interested parties can download the full survey report here.

About Sepaton, Inc.

Sepaton delivers the world’s fastest, most scalable and cost-efficient data protection solutions designed to enable large, data-intensive enterprises to store, move, access and protect critical data with the fastest recovery time in the event of a failure. Built on modular, grid scalable architectures, Sepaton offers the S2100®-ES3 for virtual tape library environments and the VirtuoSO for network attached storage (NAS) featuring multi-protocol support, highly efficient deduplication, performance-optimized data movement, and advanced management and reporting at the lowest total cost of ownership. Sepaton is headquartered in Marlborough, MA, and has an office in London. For additional information call 866-Sepaton or visit


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