Capricode: The Power of Demand

November 1, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE: Capricode

Customer loyalty is one of the most desired results of successful business operations. A loyal customer supports the company by purchasing its products and advertising these products to family and friends. Negative rumors do not easily disrupt a loyal customer, it is the customer’s own opinion on the issue that counts. What do these customers want in return? Give them what they want!

Consumers are very aware that they have the power to demand. Especially in the IT industry people spend a great deal of money on new devices and as these devices are something you most likely can live without, people expect to get their money’s worth. Same goes for enterprises: when consumers demand on mass, enterprises demand with their size. Who could say no to the demands of Fortune 500 companies?

However, people do not always know what they should demand. They may ask for things which are in the long run irrelevant or just demand more of the same, just a bit shinier. But it is also common to demand innovation. In the mobile device business, people are content if the new device fills their expectations but they are extremely more excited if the device also offers features which they did not anticipate and which they immediately found useful. These new additions create demand, so you better be the one how innovated them or the new business advantage is gone. Creating demand is a powerful marketing technique which is good for both customers and providers.

Mobile device management has had its own problems with demand. If people are not aware of the possibilities it opens, then there is no demand. In addition, if the concept is not explained properly, people tend to demand features which are minor or even irrelevant. Today the mobile device management is blooming and the expectations are high. We are determined to earn the customers’ loyalty by providing them with the best solution and greatest innovations.

Apple seems to have 89% customer loyalty, let’s focus on exceeding that!

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