Carousel to Offer Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

July 5, 2012 No Comments


Carousel Industries, announced that it has signed an agreement with Atlantis Computing, a leader in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) storage and performance optimization solutions. By carrying the Atlantis ILIO™ storage optimization solutions — which have recently achieved VMware Ready™ status — Carousel strengthens and enhances its overall virtualization portfolio, putting true VDI solutions within the reach of mid-size to enterprise level organizations.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face in deploying VDI solutions is overcoming CAPEX costs, which have traditionally been as much as $1,000 per user. Carousel has put together a ‘technology stack’ featuring solutions from Atlantis Computing to complement VMware View deployments, which can reduce CAPEX by 50 percent or more. As a result, a wide range of companies, educational institutions and other organizations can now leverage true VDI solutions with a minimal cash outlay.

“Even though the benefits of VDIs are widely understood and market proven, many IT organizations have had difficulty selling the upfront capital cost required to C-level executives,” commented Phil Magnuszewski, director, data center technologies of Carousel Industries. “By embedding Atlantis ILIO as part of our overall VDI design, we can now cut the storage infrastructure required by upwards of 90 percent, significantly reducing the overall cost to the end user. Many companies can now simply allocate their existing PC ‘refresh budgets’ and direct it towards a true VDI project.”

By implementing a VDI solution, organizations are able to realize significant cost, efficiency and productivity advantages. For example, companies can reduce overall operational costs since administrators are now supporting a common desktop infrastructure rather than thousands of end-user desktop environments. Additionally, organizations can ensure that sensitive data resides within the data center rather than at end point devices, significantly reducing the risk of a security breach.

“By partnering with Carousel Industries, we are reaching a broader base of customers while leveraging the knowledge and support of the entire Carousel team,” said Bernard Harguindeguy, CEO, Atlantis Computing. “Our storage optimization solutions are deployed at some of the largest VDI implementations in the world, and each day we are helping more companies realize the many benefits of desktop virtualization — with lower costs and a great user experience.”

Carousel Industries is currently implementing a VDI deployment optimized by Atlantis ILIO consisting of several hundred virtual desktops within a major northeastern higher educational institution. The college — which has several satellite locations and sister campuses — has plans to increase its VDI footprint by 10 fold in the near term and will be able to accomplish this with a minimal investment and no ‘forklift upgrade’ requirements.


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