Change Data Capture and Replication into Teradata using Informatica Data Replication Best Practices

September 30, 2011 No Comments

This document describes best practices for capturing recent transactions and applying them to Teradata.

Key Points include…

  • Considerations for Teradata Destinations
  • Informatica Data Replication Components
  • Informatica Data Replication Apply Modes
  • Informatica Data Replication Requirements and Limitations.

Teradata RDBMS is a massively parallel processing system running shared nothing architecture. Teradata provides integrated, optimized and extensible technology for a single application-neutral repository of your current and historical data, forming the framework of the business intelligence architecture.

Informatica Data Replication is Change Data Capture (CDC) database replication software. Informatica Data Replication captures transactional changes from Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata or Netezza. In case of Oracle it reads directly from Oracle redo log files and replicates the changes to destination databases such as Teradata in a flexible manner.

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