Cloudera Announces Major Update to Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop Beta 3

October 14, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Cloudera

Cloudera, a leading provider of Hadoop-based data management software and services, today announced its final major update to Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop version 3 beta release. Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) is the most comprehensive Hadoop-based data management platform available, comprised of an integrated set of the eleven leading Hadoop projects, all available under an Apache license.

Platform Enhancements

The focus of this update to CDH3 includes multiple enhancements which strengthen it as a platform for ISVs and for the enterprise. By making it more secure, easier to integrate with and easier to deploy, organizations have even more reasons to choose CDH3 for their Hadoop deployments. Enhancements to CDH3 include:

  • Integration — this latest update to CDH3 makes it easier for complimentary enterprise technologies to run on or work with CDH. Enhancements include ODBC drivers that enable the integration of leading business intelligence products and an improved database integration framework that supports adapters and continuous updating of data to and from the Hadoop platform.
  • Security — building on the initial work done by Yahoo! on authentication, this update to CDH incorporates authentication not just for MapReduce and HDFS but across the entire Hadoop-based platform.
  • Public cloud deployment — CDH3 now includes Whirr, an open source framework to accelerate the provisioning and deployment of Hadoop to public clouds in a vendor-neutral fashion.
  • Automation — support for automated date and event based scheduling of jobs, activities and workflows.

Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop is an open, 100% Apache licensed Hadoop-based data management platform. CDH is the leading Hadoop distribution in functionality, ease of use and breadth of adoption. CDH lowers the barrier to Hadoop adoption for the enterprise and unlocks the potential of Hadoop for the enterprise IT ecosystem. For more information, visit



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