The Clustered Storage Revolution

October 13, 2010 No Comments

Defining the Paradigm Shift to Clustered Storage
An Isilon Systems Technical Whitepaper

“Clustered Storage is becoming pervasive and is a major paradigm shift from previous generations of
storage products, much like when CDs made records obsolete.”

~ Tony Asaro, Enterprise Strategy Group,

The purpose of this whitepaper is to introduce you to a new paradigm shift that is currently taking place
in the data storage industry: the movement toward Clustered Storage architectures. Distributed
storage clustering for the data storage industry is in much the same position today that IBM was in
1981, poised to change the rules of the computer industry. Clustered Storage architectures are
changing the rules of how data is stored and accessed. In this paper we will discuss the trends that
clearly define clustered storage architectures as the future of data storage, detail the requirements of
this new category of storage, and introduce the Isilon® IQ clustered storage solution which is the first to
deliver on the promises of this paradigm shift.

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