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Contract Management Tech Tools You Can Use to Save Time Today

November 27, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Cher Zavala, Independent Technology Author

contract 300x200 Contract Management Tech Tools You Can Use to Save Time Today

When you’re running a business, there are always more jobs to do than there are hours in the day to do them. As such, it’s helpful to take advantage of tech tools on the market and available to help you increase productivity.

Contracts particularly need to be managed well, so you don’t end up with any legal or other issues down the track. Thankfully, though, you no longer need to spend hour upon hour handling contract management. Due to the advancement of technology, there are many excellent low-cost software programs and apps on the market to make this business task quicker and simpler. Read on for some tools you should know about, plus tips to help guide you to selecting the right option for your needs.

Exari Contracts

When it comes to contract management and document automation software, it’s hard to go past Exari Contracts. This easy-to-use tool is good for people who want to be able to pick up a new tech platform quickly. The dashboard makes generating and managing self-service contracting a cinch. Created by a group of lawyers and engineers, the software is designed to make legal bottlenecks a thing of the past.

Users of Exari can generate multiple report types, including customized ones, to see the progress of contracts and view insights. The technology stores and manages contract portfolios within one secure global system. Exari also boasts features like digital signatures, milestone and completion tracking, and full text search capabilities. Custom pricing is the standard, but you can trial the software first.


Concord, a popular cloud-based contract management tool used by over 100,000 customers, enables users to automate their whole contract process, from origination through to contract negotiation and completion. Use Concord and all your contracts will be managed on a single platform that allows each party to draft, redline, sign, and manage documents.

Concord features functions such as automated templates, so you can generate contracts in minutes; streamlined approval workflows; advanced user permission and access control settings; and version control that enables users to view all document variations chronologically, for comparisons and review. The platform is free for up to three users. For larger groups, plans start from $100 per month.


ContractSafe is helpful for companies managing a big number of contracts at a time. It’s focused on security, being encrypted and cloud-based, and enables each user to customize their dashboard according to their needs.

The technology boasts other helpful features, too. It sends alerts when important contract deadlines are approaching; includes the ability to export, filter and sort data, and to assign document folders and tags; and with a speed search function (using keywords), makes it easy for people to find contracts in a hurry. ContractSafe pricing begins at $99, which includes the ability to manage 100 contracts and have unlimited users.

OneSoft Connect

If you’re looking for a flexible contract management system, OneSoft Connect could be the tool for you. Free for up to three users, with plans starting from $18 per month after that, the software is perfect for small firms in particular. Everything is customizable on this simple web-based application which makes use of a Kanban board to keep contracts and their due dates organized.

With this pay-as-you-go solution, you choose only what you need and have a variety of templates and helpful solutions to choose from, all carefully designed by the company’s experts. Structure data and workflows to suit individual needs, and be up and running in no time with the simple-to-understand interface.

meeting 300x166 Contract Management Tech Tools You Can Use to Save Time Today

Agiloft Agile Contract Management Suite

Business software firm Agiloft has a highly-rated tool called the Agile Contract Management Suite. This tech enables the easy automation of contract lifecycle jobs, streamlines approval processes for documents and has a centralized, secure repository for contracts.

Agiloft’s program sends out automatic renewal alerts and has an automatic redlining function to ensure edits to documents don’t slip in unnoticed. Agile Contract Management Suite is free for up to five power-users and five end-users. Professional packages also start from $65 per month.

Ways to Choose the Best Software for Your Needs

When you’re ready to choose a contract management tech tool, it can be tough trying to work out which will be the best option for your needs. To help you make your decision, consider a few key points. For example, it’s wise to select a product from a trusted brand that has been around for many years and which is likely to continue to be successful. Software that has a history tends to be more reliable and secure.

Look for a product with numerous positive reviews and one that regularly gets updated with new features. You’ll want something scalable, too, so as your business needs grow over time, it continues to suit you. Furthermore, always opt for a tech tool created by a firm that provides excellent customer support. If something goes awry with the product, you don’t want to have to wait hours or days to get help.



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