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Convert Online Shoppers into Online Buyers with These E-Commerce Solutions

February 10, 2017 No Comments

Featured blog by Barrack Diego, Blogger and Content Writer

Every online marketer and web store owner will tell you that the key to success is conversion. Not everyone will take the time to tell you exactly what it means or how to accomplish it. Let me start this off by saying that the simple definition for that term in this context is compelling website visitors to buy the product(s) or service(s) you’re offering.

Please note that I used the word “compelling,” rather than “convincing”. That’s because the best methods for conversion don’t involve talking shoppers into anything; they simply make the process easy and let the visitors’ natural compulsion to buy do the work. It’s matter of putting the right items in front of the right buyers and making sure that there’s nothing standing in the way of a smooth transaction.

Fortunately, there are a lot of intelligent people out there developing ways to make that natural process happen. All you need is the online marketplace to plug these powerful apps into. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top applications designed to compel your visitors to buy from you, time and time again.


You’ll recall that the first step mentioned above was getting the right item in front of the right visitor. This bundle of applications from Instant Search helps you accomplish that in a very big way.

There’s an intuitive search feature that remembers the most popular search terms entered by your visitors. It uses what it remembers to suggest those items to other visitors as they begin typing. That saves time for the prospect and puts your hottest items right at their fingertips. The cloud-based search engine saves load on your server while it loads images and text to suggest products.

Meanwhile, a data collection application is monitoring the search input and recording it so you can look at the stats on your dashboard. You can see what your customers are searching for and finding as well as what they’re ­not finding, so you can see about adding those items to your inventory. You can use the analytic functions to decide what products to promote and what needs to go on clearance.

Sellers and buyers alike are raving over this package and site owners are boasting immediate conversion improvement. It integrates with your favorite platform or you can have a custom version developed to meet your needs.

See for yourself. Visit the instantsearchplus website.

Bloom for WordPress

Here’s a tool for WordPress site owners with a wide range of uses to boost conversions. It’s useful not just for online store owners, but also to help convert visitors for followers of your blogs, help promote your e-book, report or other downloadable product, encourage newsletter sign-ups and much more.

Bloom lets you easily create opt-in popups, fly-ins and widgets for your site and gives you more than 100 templates you can start with. You use these popups to create spontaneous calls to action on your blog posts or site pages. For readers that haven’t yet made the connection, newsletters, promotional offers, reports, e-books, etc. are all used to drive traffic back to your monetized blog or to your storefront. Visitors that follow these leads are primed to buy, because they were interested in what you were offering.

Bloom does much more, though. It collects data and analyzes it, lets you target specific posts or pages, and even lets you run A/B tests on your popups to see what’s working for you. This easy-to-use tool does more than there’s room to describe here, so go take a look at Bloom here.

Optimonk for Shopify

Shopify is quickly becoming one of the most popular e-commerce platforms around. Simplicity is one of the features that’s given it that status. That being the case, it makes sense to use a conversion app that’s simple to use, too.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. This add-on builds an exit-intent strategy for each site visitor and uses it at the very moment they’re about to leave your store. It tracks their browsing behavior from the time they arrive on your site and displays a targeted offer as they’re about to exit. Top marketers report that up to 25% of casual browsers respond to these offers with a purchase. Who couldn’t use that kind of a boost in sales?

It comes with a good selection of customizable templates to build your campaigns and you can integrate your offers with MailChimp, Act-On and other popular tools. It’s subscription-based, but there’s a 14-day free trial, there’s no long-term contract and plans start at $29.00/per month. That’s not a huge investment if it works for your site.

Take a close look at the features and pricing on the Optimonk website.

Coversio for WooCommerce

First of all, if you’re using WooCommerce, good for you! Second, if you’re using it without this plugin, install it today.

You can spend an awful lot of time finding and adding individual components to your e-commerce site, but this one rolls pretty much everything you need into one convenient dashboard just for the purpose of increasing your conversion rate. Here’s a list of some of what’s included:

* Sales receipts

* Site search

* Follow-up emails

* Abandoned cart reminders

* Reviews

* Newsletters

* Product recommendations

* Feedback

As you can see, it’s a comprehensive package. It does require signing up for a free account and some of the features are limited or unavailable on the free plan. If you’re looking for one plugin to potentially turn visitors into buyers, it’s a simple solution that works with any theme. Learn more about Conversio here.


Whatever product or service you’re selling, regardless of the platform you’re using, the key to profits for you is conversion. In other words, once you’ve got the traffic coming, you’ve got to be sure your visitors see the right offers and respond by spending their hard-earned dollars on your site.

Experts have already developed the strategies to make that happen and the applications to let you utilize them with your e-commerce site. The add-ons presented above are excellent examples and it’s well worth your time to look into those that apply to your platform and fit with your marketing plan.

Author Bio

Barrack Diego is blogger and content writer who write many article on business, lifestyle, E-Commerce and technology. He enjoy to read new thing on internet. He spend lot of time on social media. You can also find him on Twitter

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