CRM Watchlist 2012 Winners – Customer Service Strikes Again

January 31, 2012 No Comments


The funny thing is that for all kinds of reasons, customer service has been the lynchpin for what we’ve all called Social CRM. That means going well beyond the contact center and well beyond the ordinary customer service interactions that we’ve come to…. love/hate/pick one.

But customer service has broader implications than it used because customers aren’t only communicating their frustrations in multiple channels, they are asking questions and getting answers in places not owned by the company.  The winners this year represent different levels of execution when it comes to the thinking on those broader implications – but all of them execute really well in whatever way they do.

Let’s get down for KANA, Moxie, Parature, Pegasystems and Sword Ciboodle – in that (alphabetical) order.

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