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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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DriveSavers – Warm Weather Protection Tips

April 1, 2014 No Comments

Featured article by DriveSavers

As you plan and prepare for your family vacations and favorite getaways this spring, it’s likely you’ll have some kind of mobile device on your travel checklist. Gadgets like iPads add cool convenience to our lives, but do you know how to guard your mobile devices from being damaged? DriveSavers Data Recovery, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, has put together a list of tips to protect your devices and the precious data they hold.

No SPF for Gadgets

Sweltering summer sun can be brutal. Just think about the temperature inside a hot car on a bright day. Electronic devices were never meant to withstand being grilled in the sun, or lying on a blistering dashboard. Although many devices, such as tablets and smartphones, have temperature sensors that shut them down, that won’t protect the internal components from heat destruction. In a worst-case scenario, imagine losing those precious pictures taken during the very trip you are on!

Handle with Care

It goes without saying that using protective cases can prevent scratches, broken screens and water damage on your mobile devices. While some cases can seem pricey, using one will save money—and your sanity in the long run. You can spend $40–$60 now, or spend hundreds later replacing broken devices.

Water Wise

As a data recovery service provider, we often see the terrible effects of water damage on mobile devices. It’s critical to monitor the location of your device in relation to water that could splash over it or drinks that could easily spill.

Break-in Blues
Don’t leave expensive devices in an unattended car or out in the open for sticky fingers to snatch. Avoid a stolen device by securing it in a safe location or keeping it on your person.

Battery Saver

A common fear that most people have with their mobile devices is losing battery power. While there’s nothing that you can do to stop this from happening, there are a few tricks to prolonging battery usage. Turning down your device’s screen brightness, avoiding activities such as watching a movie when low on power, and closing out applications once you’re finished, will all help you enjoy your device longer without worry of recharging.

Back It Up!

The most important tip we can pass along is to always be sure to back up or sync your devices when you travel. This is an absolute must­—as you are most likely to lose data when you are traveling. Take advantage of Cloud backup services like G Cloud Backup from Genie9 or Apple’s iCloud. There’s always a risk that you won’t have a current backup or that your most recent backup operation failed. For those special circumstances, you should the seek help of a professional data recovery provider like DriveSavers Data Recovery.

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