EMC Goes Social, Open and Agile With Big Data

April 3, 2012 No Comments

–Greenplum Chorus Social Tools Now Available Featuring 3rd Party Applications; –New OpenChorus Initiative Releases Greenplum Chorus to Open Source Community; –Pivotal Labs Acquisition Accelerates Development of Big Data Applications in the Enterprise

EMC Corporation announced a new wave of products and services all with a singular goal – to enable organizations to derive greater insight and economic value from Big Data – datasets so large they break traditional IT infrastructures. Instrumental to customers achieving this goal is the enablement and empowerment of the Data Science team – Greenplum Chorus is the industry’s first social and collaborative toolset designed explicitly for the Data Science team.

Today EMC announced the availability of Greenplum Chorus, delivering a Facebook-like social collaboration tool for Data Science teams to iterate on the development of datasets and ensure that useful insights are delivered to the business quickly. In addition to being social, Greenplum Chorus is now also open. Today EMC announced the OpenChorus Initiative (openchorus.org), with a mission to accelerate innovation and adoption of collaborative and social data applications running on top of the Greenplum Chorus platform. The Greenplum Chorus source code will be released under an open source license in the second half of 2012. Project updates will be available at openchorus.org.

The Greenplum partner ecosystem serves as a critical means through which customers receive the solutions they require to connect Greenplum analytic tools with their existing data sources. Greenplum partner ecosystem can deliver even more value – solutions integrated with the Chorus platform through its rich APIs (like solutions from early access partners Alpine Data Labs and Squid Solutions) directly impact the productivity and effectiveness of the Data Science team.

With Greenplum Chorus, Big Data is becoming more social and more open. With the announcement of EMC’s acquisition of Pivotal Labs today it now promises to become more agile. Pivotal Labs represents the gold-standard in agile software development. Through modern agile development methodologies and modern programming frameworks (such as Ruby on Rails) Pivotal will accelerate the development and adoption of Big Data applications in the enterprise.

SOURCE: MarketWatch


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