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Essential Tips to Make Remote DBA Services Easier

September 30, 2015 No Comments

Featured blog by Jack Dawson, Independent Technology Author

Remote DBA services can be defined as the process or practice of managing a huge database from a remote location. The DBA firm may include a service desk function through which all services are being performed. Technical experts from diverse professions may perform from operational centers and meet the queries of the customers when they need them. Now let us go through some effective tips that can be helpful in making the service process easier:

Review Service Levels: Ensure that all your service levels are reviewed with their price. As service levels can vary with different providers.

Assess Environment: Make sure that you have assessed the entire environment properly. You are required to segregate the segments according to the priorities. Check out which segments require 24×7 supports and which does not require. Low traffic and highly stable segments may not require support services throughout the day and night.

Scalable Services: Your DBA services must be scalable in nature. When your business is growing, your contract for support services should remain cost effective. You can consider adding an additional Full Time Equivalent (FTE) services if you want to make your DBA services cost effective in nature.

List of Expectations: You can create a list of all expectations of DBA services. If you do not prefer initial services from your vendors, just go ahead and ask so that they can improve their DBA services. 24X7 remote DBA servicesmay not always match the requirements of the customers.

Start Small: You can start up with small efforts while creating trial segments. You can allow the trials on month to month contract basis. You can be flexible enough to expand the scope of the services as and when required.

Evaluate: Evaluating is necessary as it tells you about the necessary improvements. You should ensure that the team of vendors is evaluated properly. The team should possess customized, full time remote DBA services.

Customer Visits: Make sure your vendors are conducting regular customer visits. These visits may allow remote service providers to act as an extension of your own DBA team. They can also play a great role during emergency situations.

Network Security Team: You should possess a well equipped network security team. Your team must be able enough so that the members can unlock Firewall support though locked by VPN.

Single Point of Contact: There may be various points of contacts in your DBA firm. But a primary single point of contact should be present who can easily manage the relationship properly between remote DBA team and you.

Ticketing System: If you possess a proper ticketing system, you can easily track all your requests for tasks operated by the remote DBA services. When tracking and monitoring activities can be processed smoothly, you can definitely observe the improvements and changes in the remote DBA services.

Change Management: You should analyze as well as consider change management procedures. All your processes must be clear so that you can provide excellent database services to your clients.

On-shore Services: Ensure that your vendors are providing on-shore and onsite services. Your service providers may also provide on demand resources as and when required by customers. You can use DBA hours as and when required in exchange of a fixed rate.

Ultimately, the remote DBA services firms must be flexible in nature. If you have a full time consultant, make sure they are providing best DBA supportto your clients. If you are using your DBA team from remote locations, you should never compromise on flexibility of services. Organization should provide proper access to their experts through replication, back up, performance tuning and other database services.

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