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Five Basic SEO Questions That People are Embarrassed to Ask

October 25, 2016 No Comments

Featured blog by Selina Jenkins, Independent Technology Author

It is possible that your website may not appear in search engine results. Even if you have been experiencing good traffic to your website, one day it may just stop. You will not receive any warning for this, but every single page of your website will vanish from Google as though you were never present on Word Wide Web.

It will be quite the shock, and you may not be able to make out the exact reason behind it. You may feel frustrated and bullied. However, you can take the help of SEO to prevent such a thing from happening in the future. Of course, you have heard about SEO, and you know it stands for Search engine Optimization. But, the fact is SEO is a very powerful marketing tool.

Most people will tell you that the stronger your SEO campaign is, the higher your website’s search engine ranking will be. But, that is only superficial knowledge, and it is not enough to achieve the desired rankings. Usually, people get too wound up due to the complexity of SEO. They have questions, but feel embarrassed to ask anyone.

Let us discuss some of these common questions that newcomers have but they don’t dare to ask!

What does SEO mean exactly?

It involves several factors that work together to give a website high ranking in organic search results on major search engines like Google and Yahoo. It is important to appear at the top of the ranking list because only then your products and services become visible to the potential customers. Your site or brand can gain popularity more easily this way.

Search engines will only display high quality websites in search results. The factors which search engines consider for that are:

- Internal and external linking

- Structure of the website

- Site speed

- Mobile-friendliness

- User behavior

- Relevant keywords

- Image and title tags

- Appropriate and original content

How does SEO differ from paid search?

When your website appears in the SERP as a result of organic search, the results are obtained because of the algorithms that Google and other search engines have. Paid search results, on the other hand, appear when you pay so that your website appears at the top of the search listings.Paid results are visible at the top of the search list. These are part of the ad campaign, and the organic results appear below them due to proper use of SEO.

How to know if the keyword density is right for a webpage?

It is not possible to tell the exact number of keywords that would be required to get your website to the top. Optimization doesn’t work on those lines. Make sure your content is relevant to the reader’s needs. Don’t aim for a particular keyword density. Over stuffing the content may get you penalized by Google. As per SEO advise tips, with relevant content, you will get the opportunity to include keywords naturally without having to try some random number.

What are the right goals to be set for SEO?

You must try to get quality traffic to your website. Attracting quality traffic means gaining regular visits from potential buyers and not random users who don’t intend to do business with you. On the other hand, you need to focus on the full marketing funnel and not just on the volume of traffic. Goals must be set on the basis of marketing objectives and not number of visits.

How much time is needed to get results from SEO?

The timeframe, within which you will be able to see the results, depends on certain factors. They include the following, but are certainly not limited to this list:

- The quantity of content you create

- Content quality

- Kind of reaction the content creates in your audience

- Whether you are a big or small site with domain authority that is strong or weak

A large site can see results within a few days if the search engine crawls the website regularly. Smaller sites see the results after longer period because they are crawled less frequently. As such, you must wait forat least a week. Wait for a month to change your SEO strategy and a bit longer if you are new to SEO.

Author’s bio: Selina Jenkins is a SEO specialist and she has been working in a reputed firm since several years. Having complete in-depth knowledge about SEO, she likes giving SEO advise tips on her blog.


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