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Gamification Expert Gabe Zichermann to Speak at CamelOne

May 1, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE:  FuseSource

BEDFORD, Mass. – FuseSource Corp., experts in open source integration and messaging, announced that Gabe Zichermann, CEO of Gamification Co, author and chair of the Gamification Summit, will present to the general session at CamelOne 2012 – the only event designed for enterprise users of open source integration and messaging technologies. This year’s CamelOne conference, which brings together integration and messaging experts from around the world to share success stories and best practices, will be held in Boston, Massachusetts from May 15-16, 2012.

In his session, titled Gamification: Using Fun and Engagement to Build Great Software, Zichermann will provide attendees with insights on how developers and business leaders alike are using the components found in games – from points, badges, levels, challenges and rewards – to make software more engaging for consumers and enterprise users. He will also demonstrate how the principles and techniques inherent in gamification can be applied to open source environments. For example, flexible integration technologies such as Apache Camel enable developers to apply game features to interconnected applications, systems, devices and machines. Attendees will also learn:

  • What gamification can and cannot do for enterprise developers and architects;
  • How to design applications not for new features, but to motivate users;
  • Why the first 60 seconds of engagement is of crucial importance and how to most effectively onboard users;
  • What we can learn from the failures and successes of gamification; and
  • How to make the software development process more fun, engaging and effective.

Well known as a pioneer of gamification and its application in business, Zichermann is the author of two books on the topic: Gamification by Design explores the technical and architectural considerations for using game concepts to increase engagement. Game-Based Marketing looks at the innovators who blend the power of games with brand strategy to increase marketing success.

CamelOne 2012 is sponsored by Adaptris, Chariot Solutions, JBoss by Red Hat, Skills Matter and Srinsoft Technologies. Media sponsors include InfoWorld, Dzone, Manning Publications, SearchSOA, The and Software Development Times.

For more information on CamelOne or to register visit

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