Gartner’s Social CRM(ish) Magic Quadrant: So….

August 8, 2011 No Comments

Whether you like it or not, in the world of business, especially technology, but pretty much all business, subject matter experts of varying kinds have a lot of clout (that’s with a “c”, not a “k.”).  They could be analysts, journalists,, academicians, consultants.  But they are influential – and, regardless of your opinion of their category, they know a lot – or at least there are substantial numbers of individuals who know a lot.

Yet, they are often derided as self-aggrandizing usually by someone else with a different set of self-interests.   Are they self-interested? Sure. Everyone is. Are they self-aggrandizing – meaning they are willing to bend the truth to their interests? Some are, some aren’t. As a class are they self-aggrandizing? You can’t possibly answer that except in a glib and probably inaccurate way. The reality is that, all of these influential subject matter experts have self-interest at the heart of what they do and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that, unless it bends the truth.

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