Groupon Now! Hits Major Milestone

May 2, 2012 No Comments

Congratulations to all impulsive money savers! Groupon announced today that their Groupon Now! service has sold 1.5 million vouchers!

Groupon Now! has been active for a year; is geo-location and real-time based, and is available in 31 of 175 Groupon markets across the U.S. The deals are meant for spur of the moment purchases and offer immediate savings for restaurants, spas, retail outlets and are meant to attract new merchants who want a stream of traffic at a particular time of day. Groupon Now! deals sold proportionally faster than the original Groupon deals, which took 15 months to reach the same milestone.

“We continue to attract new merchants looking for an effective way to bring in a steady stream of customers on the days and times they choose and are now live in 31 of 175 North American Groupon markets with more launching soon. Customers have demonstrated there is a real demand for this service and we remain enthusiastic about the potential for Groupon Now! to help merchants reach new customers and grow their businesses.”  - Dan Roarty, VP of Groupon Now!

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